Carpenter (1, STR):

A character with carpenter proficiency is needed
for the construction of wooden shelters, towers, barricades, and
other structures. A single carpenter can build a wooden object
the size of a 10-foot cube in a week. This time can be reduced by
helpers, so that seven characters-only one of whom must be a
carpenter-can build a 10-foot cubic structure in a day. One carpenter
is needed for every nine non-carpenter workers.

Carpenter, Equipment: The carpenter needs an assortment of woodworking
tools, including hammers, spikes, axes, and chisels.
Cost: 400 gp (The cost of raw materials is 11-20%(1d10 + 10)of the value of the finished work.)
Space: Varies by task

so, if you go to a <carpenter's shop>, the following items will be there:
12 iron spikes,
hand axe.

DMG: This occupation assumes most woodworking jobs. A carpenter might be hired to secure a portal, fashion a chest, etc.

REF2: <Woodworker/cabinetmaker (DEX-4): In theory, a subskill of carpentry.>

DAILY COST: 3 s.p.
<> MALE: