(Parenthetical references are to the Elemental Plane of Fire) <moved note to top>
FREQUENCY: Very rare (Common)
NO. APPEARING: 1-4 (3-30)
ARMOR CLASS: 2 <(NAC = ?)>
MOVE: 12"
HIT DICE: 2+1 to 5+4
% IN LAIR: Nil (20%)
TREASURE TYPE: Nil (individuals [Q]; tripled in lair)
DAMAGE/ATTACK: By weapon type
SPECIAL ATTACKS: Heat (see below)
SPECIAL DEFENSES: Immune to fire
MAGIC RESISTANCE: 5-20% (by size)
ALIGNMENT: Lawful neutral
SIZE: M (4 1/2' to 5' tall)
    Attack/Defense Modes: Nil
    2+1 HD = II | 40 + 3
    3+2 HD = III | 85+4
    4+3 HD = III | 130 + 5
    5+4 HD = IV | 225 + 6

The azer are a race of humanoid creatures inhabiting the Elemental Plane of Fire.
(Their ruler, Amaimon, is detailed below.)
They are common on their own plane but never seen elsewhere unless brought by summoning.
They appear much like dwarves with brass-colored skin <color> and flames for hair. <WSG: see page 65>
Their skin is metallic,
which accounts for their high AC.
They wear only kilts or apron-like garments of beaten brass, copper, or bronze.
Common azer (hit dice 2+1) are the weakest (encountered 90% of the time),  <shouldn't that be 50% of the time?>
while those with 3+2 hit dice are the next most common (30%).
The larger azer <hit dice 4+3> are less likely (20%),
and the strongest (5+4 hit dice) the least likely to be encountered (10%).
The weaker will carry less valuable gems than the stronger (base value 10 gp, 50 gp, 100 gp, and 500 gp, respectively). <make DMG links? edit?>
Azer use broad-bladed javelins which inflict damage equal to a spear <(1-6/1-8)>.
In hand-to-hand combat they employ smaller mallet-like weapons equal to a footman's mace in all respects.
Due to their strength,
hit probability is always adjusted,
as is damage,
as follows:
Hit Dice Strength Bonus to Hit Bonus to Damage THACO Saves Individual Treasure (Q)
2+1 17 +1 +1 50% for d4 gems (10 gp)
3+2 18 +1 +2 50% for d4 gems (50 gp)
4+3 18 / 01-50 +1 +3 50% for d4 gems (100 gp)
5+4 18 / 51-75 +2 +3 50% for d4 gems (500 gp)
<2 columns added, finish>
<make links to the DMG for the gems>

Creatures not immune to fire will take 2-5 points of damage from being grasped by any azer,
and the heat of an azer's weapons will inflict damage of +1 to such opponents.
azer cannot survive in temperatures below 200 degrees F. for more than an hour or so. <see WSG, make table for source code? apply to other fire creatures?>
Cold attacks inflict double normal damage against them.

The people of Amaimon dwell in small groups,
their typical abode being a tower worked from the natural basalt of their realm, <tower links: DMG>
using the plentiful supply of flame nearby.
When 20 or more are encountered in their habitation,
there will be 2 of the largest normal size <(5+4 HD)>,
a noble,
and 40-70 non-combatant females and young there also. <make statblocks for females & young>
It is likely that the defenses of the place will include air projectors (bellows-like devices) and even special containers to haul water and pour it upon attackers.
    <again, with creatures from the Elemental Plane of Fire in general ... does water do damage? perhaps, normal water does damage as holy water to these creatures,
    with the creation of some kind of a smoke cloud -- a variant on fog cloud, that does smoke damage -- see DSG.36>
    <perhaps, stat out the air projectors & special containers in the same format as the siege weapons from the DMG>

In general,
azer are unfriendly, <if a friendly result is rolled via TALK, then roll again, and use the lesser of the 2?>
taciturn, <remember to apply DMG reaction modifier - page 102>
and lack compassion.
They are greedy,
and for clear purple or red gems they may agree to reasonable requests.
    <from the DMG, this would be:
    amethyst (100 gp), garnet (100 gp), violet garnet (500 gp), spinel (100 gp), reddish pale tourmaline (100 gp), Oriental amethyst (1000 gp)<font>, Ruby (5000 gp)>
    <colors for the above could be worked on. as well, note that most gems come in more than one color form>
Once given,
the word of an azer is a solid bond.

    Azer: These honorable creatures mine the basalt rocks that
survive in the pockets of elemental earth. They build large towers
throughout the plane of Fire. Azer work metals more than any of
the other fiery races. It has been conjectured that it was the azer
who laid the metallic foundations of the City of Brass, but this is
only speculation by those who have witnessed their handiwork.
Unlike other elemental beings of flame, the azer have no more
fear of ice and water than a blacksmith does of his forge--they
regard these hostile elements as tools to aid in their work.

    Azer towers are home to up to 30 such creatures, usu. one
or more family groups. All azer swear fealty to Amaimon, the lejendary
king of the race. The king makes no set abode, but travels
from tower to tower with his court of nobles (even on occaision
leaving the plane entirely on hunts and researches). While at a
tower, there are feasts and dances topped off by the revelation of
wondrous discoveries by Amaimon and other azer researcherfs
on the plane of Fire and other planes.

    There is no love lost between the azer and efreet. The azer
regard the efreet as cruel, tactless, and slippery in their dealings.
The azer trust any elemental traveller once, but if a traveller earns
the displeasure of the azer, all azer citadels react hostilely to him.

- Manual of the Planes



(Parenthetical references are to the Elemental Plane of Fire) <moved note to top>
SPECIAL DEFENSES: Immune to fire
    Attack/Defense Modes: Nil
    2+1 HD = II | 40 + 3
    3+2 HD = III | 85+4
    4+3 HD = III | 130 + 5
    5+4 HD = IV | 225 + 6

Amaimon is the legendary king of the azer.
He is the largest (9+8 hit dice),
strongest (18/00 for +3/+6),
and most intelligent of his kind. <high Very?>
His nobles number from 8-32,
being only slightly less superior (7+6 hit dice, 18/76-90 for +2/+4). <as well, full stat block & image should be given for azer noble, as well>
Amaimon has 35% magic resistance;
noble azers have 25%.
The other powers of these creatures are currently unknown. <idea: incl. lots of new fire spells from Dragon magazine>

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