Appendix J:
Herbs, Spices and Medicinal Vegetables

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There are hundreds of different vegetable flavorings and seasonings which were or are reputed to have medicinal and/or magic properties.
It is not within the scope of this work to detail all of these herbs and spices, particularly as regards their description, habitat, and the many uses claimed for most.
An alphabetical listing with one or two comments on each is presented.
The dedicated herbologist will have to pursue his or her research in scholarly texts.
Plant And/Or Special Part: Uses And/Or Powers:
abcess root (sweet root) respiratory disorders
acacia (Gum Arabic) tissue repair
aconite (monkshood, wolfsbane, friar's cap, etc.) sedative/drives off werewolves
acorn tissue hardening
adder's tongue emetic, emollient
adrue anti-vomiting, sedative
agar-agar (jelly) anti-inflammation, nutrient
agaric astringent, purgative
agrimony (cockleburr, stickwort) muscle toner, diuretic
alder anti-inflammation, tonic
alkanet root emollient, antiseptic, wormer
all-heal (wound-wort) antiseptic, anti-spasmodic
almond milk/powder nutrient/emollient
aloe (bitter aloe) bites, burns, laxative, tonic/insect repellant
amaranth (red cockscomb, love-lies-bleeding) astringent, anti-hemorrhaging
ammoniacum (Persian Gum) stimulant, respiratory aid
angelica lungs, liver, spleen, vision, hearing
anise antacid, digestion, coughing
arbutus (mayflower) astringent, bladder infection
areca nut (betel nut) astringent, tape wormer
arenaria rubra (sandwort) diuretic, urinary diseases
arrach (goosefoot) sedative (nervous tension or hysteria in particular)
atichoke juice jaundice curative
asafetida (gum asafetida, devil's dung, food of the gods) aphrodisiac, brain and nervous stimulant, tonic, many more
asarabacca (hazelwort, wild nard) emetic, purgative
ash (bark and leaves of) laxative, anti-inflammation, fever
asparagus juice/root sedative, heart problems/anti-oxalic acid
avens (colewort, herb bennet) astringent, anti-hemorrhaging, anti-weakness, tonic, more
bael anti-inflammation, ulcers
balm (sweet balm) leaves calms nerves, fevers
balm of gilead nutrient, organ stimulant (general)
balmony (bitter herb, snake head) tissue builder and strengthener, liver ailments, wormer
barley nutrient (recuperative)
basil nervous disorders
bay leaf ?
beet organic cleanser
belladonna (deadly nightshade, dwale, black cherry root) () diuretic, sedative, pain reliever, anti-opiate, circulation, stimulant, poison/lycanthropy cure
benne (sesam, sesame) respiratory disorders, eye infections, more
benzoin (gum benzoin) expectorant, stimulant, antiseptic, wounds and sores 
berberis fevers
beth root (lamb's quarters) astringent, coughs, tonic, anti-hemorrhaging, more
bilberry (huckleberry, hurtleberry, whortleberry) anti-thirst, dropsy, typhoid, more
birch (white birch) intestines and stomach, venereal diseases, skin conditions
birthwort circulatory stimulant
bistort (adderwort) astringent
bittersweet (felonwort, scarlet berry, woody nightshade) abcesses, lymph infections, swelling and inflammation
blackberry (dewberry) astringent, tonic, dysentary
black currant diuretic, antiseptic, blood purifier
black willow (pussy willow) bark astringent, antiseptic
blueberry -- see bilberry -
blue flag (flag lily, poison flag, water flag, water lily) diuretic, cathartic, blood purifier (vs. poison), wound healing, venereal disease, much more
blue mallow (common mallow) coughs, colds
boneset (thoughtwort) fevers, tonic, skin diseases
borage coughs, lung infections
box leaves tonic, blood purifier
bryony paralysis, bruises
bugle gastrointestinal disorders, hemmorhaging
burdock laxative, tuberculosis, more
butterbur fevers, urinary complaints
cabbage juice ulcer and stomach treatment
calotopis (mudar bark) skin leprosy, elephantiasis, more
camphor (gum camphor) bruises, sprains, chills, fevers, cardiac stimulant
caraway antacid, aids digestion
cardamom ?
carrot juice and seeds tonic for improved health
castor oil bush purgative, cathartic
catnip colds, fevers, anti-spasmodic, hysteria
cayenne stimulant
celery liver functions
chamomile nervous conditions, ear and tooth aches
chaulmoogra oil fevers, sedative, skin eruptions
cherry gum respiratory infections/food substitute
chervil ?
chives colds, general diseases/evil eye
cinnamon disinfectant, nausea, preservative
cleavers (goosegrass) fevers, circulation, blood purifier, wounds, liver disease
clover tonic
cloves anaesthetic, circulation, germicide, disinfectant
comfrey root (healing herb) colds, respiratory conditions, wounds, bone fractures, gangrene, much, much more
coriander tonic
couchgrass bladder and urinary infections
cucumber inflammation
cumin seed stimulant
dandelion diuretic, purgative, tonic
(dead men's bells, fairy bells, fairy cap, fairy fingers, foxglove, etc.)
heart stimulant, tonic, kidney treatment (poison)
dill nausea
ergot (rye smut) hemmorhaging, venereal diseases
eyebright astringent, eye infections
fennel digestion, weight control, muscle tone, reflexes, vision, much, more
fenugreek stimulant
fig demulcent
figwort (scrofula plant, throatwort) abcesses, wounds, pain killer
fireweed astringent, anti-spasmodic
fluellin astringent, tissue strengthener
garden burnet ?
garlic coughs, colds, blood purifier, detoxifier, kills parasites/wards off vampires
gelsemium (wild woodbine) sedative, nerve tonic, fevers, more
gentian (bitter root, felwort) tonic, fevers, anti-venom
geranium (sweet geranium) alkalizer
ginger stimulant, colds, cramps
ginseng glandular stimulant, vision, dizziness, headaches, weakness
goat's rue diuretic, wormer (vermifuge)
grape juice blood fortifier
hartstongue cough, liver, spleen, bladder
hawthorn heart, arteries
hedge mustard throat, lungs
hellebore heart tonic (rootlets are poison)
honeysuckle liver, spleen, respiratory disorders
horehound, white coughs, pulmonary diseases, anti-venom
horehound, black stimulant, wormer, hemmorhaging
horseradish tonic, antiseptic, wormer
hyssop respiratory ailments, jaundice, blood purifier, tonic, cuts and wounds, more
ipecac dysentary, mouth infections, more
irish moss coughs, scalds, burns
jambul seed blood purifier, diabetes
jewel weed (balsam weed, pale touch-me-not) diuretic, kidneys, skin growths, fungus, infections, liver
juniper berry aphrodisiac, stimulant, disinfectant, venereal disease, more
jurubera anemia
kelp (seawrack) thyroid, heart, arteries, much more
larkspur (knight's spur) external parasites
leek same as chives <>
lily-of-the-valley heart tonic
lotus ?
lucerne (alfalfa) strength
lycopodium (common club moss, fox tail, lamb's tail) wounds, lungs, kidneys, more
mace stimulant
marigold fevers, variscosities, eyes, heart
marjoram meloncholia, dizziness, brain disorders, toothaches
masterwort stimulates organs, anti-spasmodic, more
mistletoe convulsions, hysteria, narcotic, tonic, typhoid fever, heart
muira-puama aphrodisiac
mustard emetic, counter-irritant, colds, fevers
nutmeg nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
nux vomica (poison nut) stimulant, debility tonic
onion poultice, colds (as chives)
oregano germicide, pain killer
paprika stimulant, poultice
parsley blood purifier
parsnip fevers
peach seed fevers, blood tonic
pepper, black sprains, neuritis
peppermint ?
pitcher plant small pox preventative and cure, stomach, liver, kidneys
plantain (ripple grass, waybread) minor wounds, stings, rashes
pomegranate nerve sedative, wormer
poppy ? <cf wikipedia ... what the preferred species(?) used in the temples ... not somniferum?>
pumpkin seed virility, organ tonic
quince eye disease, dysentary, skin disorders
radish blood purifier, liver
raspberry fevers, tonic
rhubarb astringent, cathartic
rose <(@~)~~~~)> colds, fevers
rosemary germicide, muscle tonic/drives off evil spirits
saffron scarlet fever, measles, respiratory disorders
sage tonic, wounds, *
sarsaparilla (china root, spikenard) system balance, blood purifier, venereal disease, many more
scopolis nerve and muscle sedative, pain killer, coughs
scullcap (madweed) nervous disorders, rabies
senna purgative
spearmint ?
strawberry vision, swelling and inflammation
summer savory blood purifier, palsy
tamarind infection, gangrene
tansy tonic, narcotic, wormer
tarragon ?
tea poison antidote
thyme antiseptic, blood purifier
turmeric ?
watercress blood tonic (anemia)
white bryony (mandragora) cathartic, respiratory diseases, heart, kidneys

It is suggested that you use the above list as a guide to which herbs, spices, or vegetable you will require for various magical effects desired from potions,
scroll inks, and other magic items.
You may add to or delete from the list as you desire.
Reputed folk uses are not detailed with respect to magic in most cases, as this decision is the purview of the DM.

Sage Advice

Question: My recipe for pork sausage seems to have a
mistake in it—it calls for four cups of sage. This amount
seems a little excessive. Could it be a misprint?

Answer: Yes, the recipe should call for four tablespoons of sage.

Question: I am interested in acquiring large amounts of sage. Where should I look?

Answer: Try the yellow pages of your phone book. Look under “Herb dealers—Sage”.

Question: In the folk song “Scarborough Fair” there is a line that goes,“Parsley, something, rosemary, and thyme.”
What word am I missing?

Answer: Sage.


Somewhere at the back part of the 1979 DMG for ADandD 1st edit. is a list of natural herbs as medicine.
When I saw and read that info., I started using oregano for my teeth because it is a germicide and painkiller.
Pepper is good for sprains and I think something else, but I forgot.
Is that list of medicinal herbs true for real life?
If it is, you might want to try some of those natural remedies listed instead of unnatural medicine for your health.
I have noticed that doctors don't give all the info. that is cheapest and the most useful.
Your 1979 DMG for ADandD 1st edit. has helped me in real life and it might help you.
Just choose a herb that you think matches the symptoms that you have and that doesn't have any side effects that you can think of.

As I recall, the list of herbal remedies was taken from actual books listing such natural medicications.
In that vein I do plan to check into chelation therapy soon.