Appendix G: Traps


Die roll Trap Effect Citation
01-05 Arrow trap Arrow trap, 1-3 arrows, 1 in 20 is poisoned.
06 Arrow trap, poisoned
07 Ball trap
08-09 Caltrops <compare to tetsu-bishi in OA>
10 Caltrops, poisoned
11 Ceiling block falls
12 Ceiling collapses
13 Ceiling lowers
14-16 Chute
17-18 Door, falling
19-23 Door, one-way
24-30 Door, resisting
31 Door, specific
32 Door, spring <cf. A1>
33 Floor, collapsing
34 Floor, illusionary
35-36 Gas, blinding
37-38 Gas, corroding
39-40 Gas, fear
41-42 Gas, nausea
43-46 Gas, obscuring
47-48 Gas, poison
49-50 Gas, sleep Sleep: party sound asleep for 2-12 turns (as sleep spell). 
51-52 Gas, slowing
53-54 Gas, weakness
55-56 Jaw trap
57 Lightning bolt
58-59 Pendulum, ball or blade
60-63 Pit
64-65 Pit, locking
66-67 Pit, locking & flooding
68-70 Pit, with spikes
71-72 Pit, with poisoned spikes
73-77 Passage, blocked by falling bars
78-79 Passage, closed by stone block
80 Room, elevator
81 Room, flooding
82 Room, sliding
83-84 Scything blade
85-87 Spear trap Spear trap, 1-3 spears, 1 in 20 is poisoned. 
88 Spear trap, poisoned
89 Stairs, collapsing
90-91 Teleporter <teleport, teleport without error>
92 Vent, acid
93-94 Vent, fire
95-00 Vent, gas

OSRIC, page 156
<Nuisance, Hazardous, Dangerous, F.A.T.A.L., Trap Placement>

OSRIC, page 156
OSRIC gives a totally different trap list.
Here is a list of all the DMG traps + all of the OSRIC traps

1. Acid spray
2. Arrow trap
3. Arrow trap, poisoned
4. Ball trap
5. Bolt, crossbow
6. Bridge, collapsing
7. Bridge, illusory
8. Caltrops
9. Caltrops drop from ceiling
10. Caltrops, poisoned
11. Ceiling block drops behind players
12. Ceiling block drops in front of players
13. Ceiling clock drops on players
14. Ceiling block seals players in room or area
15. Ceiling collapses
16. Ceiling lowers
17. Chute
18. Chute, greased
19. Door, falling
20. Door, one way
21. Door, resisting
22. Door, spring
23. Elevator room
24. Elevator room, deactivates for 24 hours
25. Elevator room, one way
26. Flame jets
27. Floor, collapsing
28. Floor, illusionary
29. Gas, blinding
30. Gas, corroding
31. Gas, fear
32. Gas, flammable
33. Gas, nausea
34. Gas, obscuring (Obscuring fog)
35. Gas, poison
36. Gas, sleep
37. Gas, slowing
38. Gas, weakness
39. Jaw trap
40. Lightning bolt
41. Log trap, swinging
42. Pendulum, ball or blade
43. Pit
44. Pit, 10 ft
45. Pit, locking (Pit, with locking trap door)
46. Pit, locking & flooding
47. Pit, oil-filled with dropping lit torch
48. Pit, trap triggered by false door
49. Pit, with spikes
50. Pit, with poisoned spikes
51. Passage, blocked by falling bars
52. Passage, closed by stone block (Pit, with dropping ceiling block)
53. Poisoned bolt, crossbow
54. Portcullis drops behind players
55. Portcullises drop in front of and behind players
56. Portcullis drops in front of players
57. Rolling stone ball, height and width of corridor
58. Room, elevator
59. Room, flooding
60. Room, sliding (Sliding room changes facing or location)
61. Scything blade, ankle-high
62. Scything blade, neck-high
63. Spear trap (Spear, ballista)
64. Spear trap, poisoned (Poisoned spear, ballista)
65. Spiked log trap
66. Spring-loaded pile driver disguised as a door
67. Stairs, collapsing
68. Stairs fold flat into a sliding chute
69. Teleporter
70. Trip wire
71. Vent, acid
72. Vent, fire
73. Vent, gas
74. Wire, neck high
75-85. NO TRAP

Originally posted by Fool

Here's another thanks for answering all these questions.

When I first got into D&D in the 80's, Gygax was a name out of myth with no more reality than characters we were playing.
Thanks for putting a personality to the person. It's wonderful to see you have the same love of games after all these years.

If I have to append a question, here's one: What's with all the traps?? 

Take care, and don't let this take you too long from your work!

Again, quite welcome and my bit of fun 

As for the traps, we originally played dungeon crawls much of the time.
My dungeon levels were both an exploration/mapping problem to solve and a place for encounters.
As I would place perhaps 15 or so active encounters on a level of many passagerways and as many as 50 or so rooms, to keep things "interesting" I'd include various traps.
That became a de rigeur thing in general from around 1977 on.
Of course when combined with monsters and NPCs, traps add a degree of complexity to encounters too, so they are a handy tool.

That cover it?


Originally Posted by DreadArchon

Do you have any particular sources of inspiration for devious traps, or do you just come up with them on your own?

(Thought of anything particularly good lately?)

Who can say, what with so many nasty traps having been included in movie serials that I used to watch at the theater on Saturday afternoons as a lad. I believe that I have thought most of them up on my own, but...

The Fantasy Life book contains a fairly extensive list of traps, many of which can be alaborated on. As for creating more if late, no. I spend such creative effort in figuring out ways of avoiding those Jim Ward puts into his MA game compaign :\