Recovery of Spells

Character Spells

[Rest + Study/prayer && meditation]


Spell recovery, whether cleric/druid or magic-user/illusionist, requires about the same period of time.
In order to pray and meditate for a new spell to replace one used,
    or in order to study and memorize such a spell,
    it is necessary that the spell-user REST and revitalize his or her mental faculties.
Whether one or more spells are to be regained,
    the minimum time required for complete rest (usually sleep) is that required for the highest spell to be recovered.
Minimum REST periods are shown below:

SPELL LEVEL 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 9
Time 4 hours [4] 6 hours [6] 8 hours [8] 10 hours [10] 12 hours [12]

Thus, if a cleric or magic-user needs only memorize first or second level spells,
he or she need only sleep for 4 hours and will then be able to memorize or regain as many such spells as he or she is normally entitled to.
On the other hand, if the character in question also wished to include a seventh level spell,
rest time would be 10 full hours, even though but a single seventh level spell were to be thus regained,
while half a dozen second level spells were also to be regained.

Once rested, an additional one-quarter hour [0.25] per level of spell must be spent in study/prayer and meditation in order to memorize/acquire the ability to cast each spell.

<table idea : FR : Full Recovery>
<MU1, 0 spells left : 4 hrs, 15 min>
<MU2, 0 spells left : 4 hrs, 30 min>
<C1.1, 0 spells left : 4 hrs, 15 min>
<C1.1, 0 spells left : 4 hrs, 30 min>
<C1.1, 0 spells left : 4 hrs, 45 min>

<table idea : LR : Level Recovery>

Q: Can a magic-user fill a higher-level
spell slot with a lower-level spell?
For instance, can a magic-user memorize
fireball instead of a fourth- or
higher-level spell?

A: No. Spells can't be switched except
under certain special circumstances, such
as the use of a Rary's mnemonic enhancer
or Mordenkainen's lucubration spell.

Q: How often can a character go to
sleep and then regain his spells?
Does a character who goes to sleep
retain any uncast spells?

A: A spell-caster can go to sleep at any time
(after the proper study or prayer) and
regain his spells, even if it isn't "bedtime."
We suppose that insomnia could strike a
character who sleeps too often, but this is
up to the DM. Sleeping does not cause a
spell-caster to forget his spells.


Handy Haversack wrote:
Hi Gary,

Another AD&D question to interrupt your editing work (heck, asking it is interrupting my editing work, so it's a win-win!):

In your games or in your original conception of the rules, did you intend that MUs and clerics could only rest and recover spells once per day, or did you allow them to cast their spells and then rest for four hours (or however long was needed) and, provided this time was uninterrupted, rememorize their spells? That is, can that spell memorization rest be done a couple of times a day or ONLY at night and ONLY once per day for the next day's spells. The PHB implies the latter, while the DMG implies the former. Thanks, as always, for your time.

HH (Michael)

Very busy indeed...

Spell-caster resting to recover spells was contemplated to occur once per day, just as one normally sleeps, but (light) condition/time of day is not a factor.
The once per 24-hour period is the measure.

In haste,

ScottyG wrote:
Gary, would you let a spell caster memorize their daily spells in chunks, or is it all at once?
For example, could a druid memorize predict weather, cast it, and then based on that decide to memorize call lightning or some other 3rd level spell?


Hi Scott,

Abslutely all at once is the intent for all spell-casters memorizing spells.
After having their mind refreshed by rest they must needs read or prat to store away all the spells they are sble to choose to remember for a time until activated.