Psionic Encounters


Random Encounter Tables

If you opt to incl. psionic powers in your campaign, then certain
random encounters will be with psionically-endowed creatures. Check
for random encounters as normal, but if the player party has used
psionic powers during the last turn, or spells resembling psionic powers
during the last round, then the chance for a psionic encounter will be 1 in 4
if an encounter is otherwise indicated. After checking for a random encounter,
roll d4 to find if the encounter is psionic. If the second table is
positive, go to the PSIONIC ENCOUNTER TABLE and check thereon to find
what creature is involved. The encounter otherwise occurs as normal, althoguh
certain cretaures will not be detected by the party.

Spells Resembling Psionic Powers
astral spell [enlarge] [levitate]
augury ESP [plane shift]
blink [feather fall] polymorph (any)
charm (any) [feign death] [remove curse]
clairaudience [heal] [shape change]
clairvoyance [heat metal] [stone tell]
cure (any) [hypnotism] tele- (any)
detect (any) [invisibility] (any) [temporal stasis]
[dimension door] [know alignment] -

Note: Magic items performing these powers, or those which duplicate
psionic abilities may be included as spell functions resembling psionic

<from MP: [cure] (cure blindness, cure deafness, cure disease, cure feeblemind, cure insanity, remove curse, remove fear, remove paralysis)>
<from MP: [detect] ([detect balance], [detect charm], [detect evil/good], [detect illusion], [detect invisibility], [detect lie], [detect life], [detect magic], [detect poison], [detect traps], [know alignment]) >
<there might be afew spells from GHA to add as well>

Dice Score Creature Encountered Numbers
01-05 Brain mole 1-3
06-12 Cerebral parasite 3-12
13-15 Couatl 1-4
16-18 Demon, major* 1-2
19-24 Demon, minor* 1-4
25-26 Demon, prince* 1
27-28 Devil, arch-* 1
29-34 Devil, greater-* 1-2
35-38 Gray ooze 1-3
39-48 Intellect devourer 1-2
49-51 Ki-rin 1
52-56 Lich 1
57-62 Men (human psionic)** --
63-69 Mind flayer 1-4
70-72 Mold, yellow --
73-82 Shedu 2-8
83-92 Su-monster 1-12
93-98 Titan 1-2
99-00 Triton (1-3 of total are psionic) 10-60

* Dice for type or select.

** See DUNGEON RANDOM MONSTER TABLE, Character Subtable.

Roll until an appropriate encounter occurs, ignoring inappropriate results
(or optionally considering it as no encounter).

<there is a Dragon article that updates this table>
<see brain mole in the MM: do you roll the encounter check for magic items which have the above listed powers?>
<as above, but what about spell-like abilities?>