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The amount of funds which each player begins with is kept low to prevent
the game from becoming too easy. Players learn from the beginning
that they are never able to obtain all of the goods they would like in
order to feel safe and satisfied. Explain to players that sums they begin
with (see PLAYERS HANDBOOK, MONEY) represent inherited monies
and savings. A magic-user, for example, has had to expend most ready
cash he or she possessed on training; monks are ascetics who don't care
about material possessions in any event, so they do not accumulate much
money prior to becoming adventurers and treasure seekers.

If you have a difficult campaign, and you opt to bestow a limited number
of special items to player characters at the beginning of the game
(a potion, a magic goodie such as a + 1 dagger, or even something as mundane as a family suit of plate mail)
you should adjust starting money accordingly.
The game is always supposed to be a challenge, to cause players to want for something,
and to wish to adventure with their characters in order to obtain the desired things.
Remembering that good players will be able to gain from nearly any successful encounter --
there will always be some armor and weapons or equipment to be gained from an adventure --
you should not hesitate to be stingy and tight right from the beginning of a campaign!

SA: DMs who like to start out characters with some
minor magical item could offer elven characters an elfin chain-
mail suit instead, though evil elves would not be able to receive
this benefit.

<in UA terms, what is a 'difficult campaign'?>
<here's an idea>
<say that there 3 available 1st level adventures left>
    <an adventure for 1st level characters = 1>*
    <an adventure for character levels 1-2 = 1.5>*
    <an adventure for character levels 1-3 = 2>
<adventure1 = 1, adventure 2 = 1.5, adventure 3 = 2 : average = 1.5(rounds to 2)>
<IFaverage level of available starting adventures is greater than (>) the minimum character starting level (usually, 1), THEN this is a 'difficult campaign'>

<IF a 'difficult campaign',
    THEN getrand
    1 = potion (random potion)
    2 = +1 dagger (IF class = <those classes that can use daggers> : (loop) ELSE getrand again if getrand = 2)
    3 = plate mail (IF class = Cav,Pal,C,F,B,R : (loop) ELSE getrand again if getrand = 2)
        starting money = (starting money)/2

* note: here, i am getting the average