Player Character Expenses

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Money - - - DMG

Each player character will automatically expend not less than 100 gold pieces per level of experience per month.
This is simply support, upkeep, equipment, and entertainment expense.
These costs are to be deducted by the Dungeon Master automatically,
and any further spending by the PC is to be added to these costs.
Such expense is justified by the "fact" that adventurers are o free-wheeling and high-living lot (except, of course, for monks).
Other miscellaneous expenditures by player characters encompass such things as additional equipment expense for
henchmen or hirelings, costs of hirelings, bribes, costs of locating prospective henchmen, and so on.
To such costs are to be added:

    MAINTENANCE OF HENCHMEN    100 g.p. per level per month*
    MAINTENANCE OF STRONGHOLD    1% of total cost of stronghold per month

    *This is in addition to all treasure shares

Finally, any taxation or other levies must be taken into consideration,
along with contributions to the player character's religious organization.
All of these costs will help assure the PCs have a keen interest in going
out and adventuring in order to support themselves and their many
associates and holdings.

You may reduce costs according to prevailing circumstances if you feel it is warranted,
but even so doing should not give rise to excess funds on hand in the campaign.