Non-Standard Magic Items


Magical Research

There are two considerations respecting non-standard magic items. The
first i s your invention and inclusion of them in your campaign, and this is
expected and encouraged. You should put your imagination and inventiveness
to work this way. Standard items can be varied so as to make
i t more interesting when your players are familiar with the usual forms.
New devices can be created to add freshness and new dimensions to the
game. Special magic items can be devised to complement some special
situation or to serve as a special reward for overcoming some special
monster or difficult area. All such creations, however, must be made with
care. The items must be such as to not unbalance the game. They must not
make one player character too strong, either with respect to opponents or
his or her fellows or to the campaign or to the game system as a whole.
Items which are expended after a single use, those with limited usages,
and those with variable effects are most desirable. As i t is very likely that
every campaign will have its special items, the second consideration
comes up.

Other referees will not generally know what special powers or restrictions
such items have. Thus, they will not be usable in campaigns other than that
from which they came in most cases. You, os a referee, should simply
cause any such items brought into your campaign to disappear. Never take
o player’s word for any item. Do not allow its use in your campaign unless
you know his or her DM and get a full explanation in writing from that
person which details the properties of the item. Do not allow a player to
bulldoze you in any manner regarding this. Simply inform the person that
he or she must have left the item in his or her former area, as it is not
around in yours! This solves the problem of having a possible imbalance
brought into your carefully designed campaign. This ties directly to the

Note: Altered form of a standard AD&D item is not a new or non-standard item, i.e.,
a cap which causes its wearer to be invisible is the same as a ring of invisibility.