Integration of Experienced or New Players into an Existing Campaign

Conducting the Game

A viable campaign is likely to suffer some attrition as it progresses, with
players dropping out for one reason or another, and new participants
coming into the campaign milieu. SOme of these newcomes will be xperienced
players from other campaigns and have special characters they want to continue
with. Other xperienced players will have no
characters, but they will have useful knowledge of the game which puts
them apart from true novices. Finally, there will be the totally uninitiated
participants -- those who have only a vague idea of the game or who
have absolutely no info as to what it is all about. Thse three types
of new players will have to be integrated into a campaign which could be
in nearly any state of maturity, with the majority of players being low,
middle, or high level. TO accomplish a smooth transition, I suggest that the
most applicable form of those given below be followed.

Transferring PCs from other campaigns to yours is appreciated
by the participants coming into the milieu, as they have prolly
spent a good deal of time && effort with their characters, and a certain
identification and fondness will have been generated. You can allow such
integration if the xisting PC is not too strong (or too weak)
for your campaign and otherwise fits your milieu with respect to race and
class. The arsenal of magic items the character has will have to be examined
carefully, and it is most likely that some will have to be