Morale Scores
Morale Failure

Morale checks are used to determine the amount of will to fight in non-leader NPCs,
and can be applied both to henchmen and hirelings of character types and groups of intelligent opponent monsters
(see also Loyalty of Henchmen & Hirelings, Obedience and Morale).
Base unmodified morale score is 50%.

Morale Checks Made When
Faced by obviously superior force* check each round
25% of party** eliminated or slain check at +5%
Leader unconscious check at + 10%
50%+ of party** eliminated or slain check at + 15%
Leader slain || deserts check at +30%

* Such as in melee when one force is hitting twice as often as the other.
** Or individual taking this much personal wound damage.

Other Morale Check Modifiers
Each enemy deserting -5%
Each enemy slain -10%
Inflicting casualties without receiving any -20%
Each friend killed +10%
Taking casualties without receiving any +10%
Each friend deserting +15%
Outnumbered & outclassed by 3 or more to 1 +20%


Henchmen or Associated Creatures:
For each creature take the base morale (loyalty) score and cast percentile dice.
Adjust the score for penalties and bonuses, and if the adjusted score
is equal to or less than the loyalty score, morale is good. If the number
exceeds the loyalty score, the creature will react according to the morale
failure table below.

Monsters, Intelligent:
Each monster has a base morale of 50%,
    +5%/HD above 1,
    + 1%/HP above any HD.
If a morale check is required, scoring and reaction are as stated above for henchmen et al.


1% to 15% fall back, fighting
16% to 30% disengage-retreat
31% to 50% FLEE in panic
51% or greater surrender

The difference between the max. score needed to retain morale and the number actually rolled, as adjusted,
is the % of morale failure.

No Quarter: Any creature subject to morale that sees surrender
is not accepted, sees a prisoner being slain by the other
side, or has some reason to believe it will be executed if it
surrenders, will never surrender, regardless of other considerations.
Such a creature will FIGHT to the death if it cannot FLEE. - OSRIC, page 125