III.A. Potions

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Drinking Potions
Potion Miscibility
Applying Oils
Explanations and Descriptions of Magic Items
XK: Describing Magickal Substances

Potions are typically found in ceramic, crystal, glass, or metal flasks in
enough quantity to provide one person with one complete dose so as to be
able to achieve the effects which are given hereafter for each type of
potion. Potion containers can be other than os described at your option. As
a general rule they should bear no identifying marks, so that the players
must sample from each container in order to determine the nature of the
liquid. However, even a small taste should suffice to identify a potion in
some way- even if just a slight urge. As DM you should add
a few different sorts of potions, both helpful and harmful, of such nature as
to cause difficulties in identification. In addition, the same type of potion,
when derived from different sources, might smell, taste, and look differently.

Unless otherwise stated, the effects of a potion will last for 4 complete turns plus 1-4 additional turns (d4).
If half of a potion is quaffed, the effects will last one-half as long in some cases.
Potions take effect 2-5 segments after they are imbibed.

While potions can be compounded by M-U/alchemist teams at a relatively low cost,
they must have an actual potion to obtain the formula for each type.
Furthermore, the ingredients are always rare and/or hard to come by.
This aspect of potions, as well as the formulation of new ones by players,
is detailed in the appropriate subsection of the MAGICAL RESEARCH rules.

Originally Posted by BOZ
potions and scrolls, my man, potions and scrolls. and pre-cast spells are nice, too. i'm sure every DM goes through this experience after a time... 

Right, Boz!

The propblem with the potion is getting it out and quaffing it off takes two rounds at least,
and the same for getting and reading a scroll.
The good old wand and worn magic items are much faster to use,
so the temptation is always there to have them.

Obmi the Dwarf had his boots of Speed and Dwarven Throwing Hammer
(plus whatever defensive items I decided he needed for an encounter, protection and absorption) and believe me I made sure he had logical means of evading pursuit <stick out tongue>