Mirror of Mental Prowess~~

XP: 5k 
GP: 50k 
Miscellaneous Magic
Magic Items

This magical mirror resembles an ordinary one.

The possessor, however, knowing the proper commands can cause it to
perform as follows:

    1. Read the thoughts of any creature reflected therein, even though
    these thoughts are in an unknown language;

    2. Scry with it as if it were a crystal ball with clairaudience, but even
    being able to view into other planes if the viewer knows of them

    3. It can be used as a portal to visit other places (possibly other planes,
    as well, at the DM's option) by first scrying them and then stepping
    through to the place pictured - an invisible area remains on the
    “other side”, and those using the portal can return if the correct
    spot can be found. (Note that creatures being scried can step
    through also if the place is found by them!);

    4. Once per week it will answer one short question, briefly, regarding
    a creature whose image is shown upon its surface.

The typical mirror's size is 5' x 2'.


Situation #3
Mirror of Mental Prowless, this is an extremely powerful item.
Using the scry ability to look apon someone, its not clear as to how much you will actually see when you do find that someone.
I was going to rule that however far you can step back and see the mirror clearly, thats how far you could see of whats going on around.

#3: this is the most difficult one to manage.
In general I would rule that the scrying mirror enables the viewer to see the subject and all around that one to a distance of about five feet on either side and 20 feet behind.
As the subject moves, so does the picture.