Helm of Telepathy


Enc.: 4.5
XP: 3k
GP: 35k 
Miscellaneous Magic
Magic Items

This sturdy metal helmet appears to be a normal piece
of headgear, although it will radiate magic if this is detected for.

The wearer of a helm of telepathy is able to determine the thoughts of
creatures within a 6 range, provided the wearer knows the language
used by such creatures (the racial tongue will be used in thoughts in
preference to the common, the common in preference to alignment
languages), and there is not more than 3 of solid stone, 0.5 of iron, or any
solid sheeting of lead or gold between the wearer and the creatures. The
thought pick-up is directional. Conscious effort must be made to pick up
thoughts. The wearer may communicate by language with any creature
within range if there is a mutually known speech, or emotions may be
transmitted (empathy) so that a creature will receive the emotional
message of the wearer. If the wearer of the helm desires to implant a suggestion, <e>
he or she may attempt to do so as follows: For every 2 points of intelligence greater than the subiect, the
wearer is 5% more likely to be successful; but for every 1 point of intelligence
lower than the subject, the probability decreases by 5%. Thus the
subiect creature receiving the suggestion gains a saving throw versus
magic with a -1 for every 2 points of intelligence lower than the telepathist,
but +1 for every 1 point of intelligence higher than the wearer of the
helm, and if intelligence is equal no adiustment is made when the saving
throw is rolled. The helm of telepathy gives a +4 with respect to psionic
related attacks (see ATTACK MATRICES <reword: link is to right place unless psi.combat.table.4c is not the only place where this applies>).
It increases total psionic strength by 40 points.