III.E. Special

III.E.1. (01-14)
III.E.2. (15-28)
III.E.3. (29-42)
III.E.4. (43-56)
III.E.5. (57-70)
III.E.6. (71-85)
III.E.7. (86-00)
Artifacts & Relics Powers/Effects Tables
Possible Destruction Means for 
Miscellaneous Magic
Random Treasure Determination

Notes Regarding Artifacts and Relics: Each artifact or relic is a singular
thing of potent powers and possibly strange side effects as well. Regardless
of how any of these items come into your campaign, only 1 of each
may exist. As each is placed by you or found by PCs, you
must draw a line through its listing on the table to indicate it can no longer
be discovered randomly - if the dice indicate an item no longer available,
you may substitute a clue as to its whereabouts or simply ignore the
result so that no magic item is found at all.

Because of the unique nature of each artifact and relic, their powers are
only partially described. You, the DM, must at least decide
what the major powers of each item are to be. This prevents players from
gaining any knowledge of these items, even if they happen to own or read
a copy of this volume, and i t also makes each artifact and relic distinct from campaign to campaign.

Those artifacts and relics which you bring into play should be so carefully
guarded by location and warding devices and monsters that recovery of
any one is an undertaking of such magnitude that only very powerful
characters, in concert, and after lengthy attempts have any chance whatsoever
of attaining one. Naturally, each artifact and relic might have a
body of rumors, tales, and other lore. Discovery of such information should
not be by chance. Minor clues may be placed, but any extensive oral or
written information must be sought out and obtained only after considerable
expenditure of time and money, if at all.

Please note that you need not use any or all of the artifacts and/or relics
here. If you prefer, you may rename those in your campaign to suit a
particular mythos, or you may devise your own entirely. But any creation
by you must be done so as to maintain the item in balance with the game
as a whole - and this goes for assignment of powers with respect to any
of these items, too! A super-weapon is certain to blast the whole campaign
to smithereens, unless it is given proper limitations (and also a nemesis
creature in some cases).

At the end of the descriptions of artifacts and relics are 5 tables which list
the various powers and side effects of these items. Each item is described
with only a few of its attributes, and its other characteristics are mentioned
with respect to the number of each power or effect from the appropriate
table, i.e. each item has several powers ond/or effects you must select and
record in your copy of this book. Players can know virtually nothing about
any powers and effects of any artifact or relic. These must be discovered
by them through experimentation by their characters, legends, legend
lore, etc.

If a player refuses to risk his or her character when an item is discovered,
preferring to ollow some hireling || henchman to hazard the trial and
error process necessary, the character given the item or ordered to
determine its powers and effects will certainly do one of the following

    1 . If the character is evil, he or she will destroy, or at least escape
        from, the player character once the artifact or relic abilities are
        known to the character.

    2. If the character is neutral and neither good nor evil otherwise, he or
        she will use the powers of the artifact or relic to dominate and
        control his or her former employer/master or mistress, destroying
        him or her if threatened.

    3. If the character is good, he or she will realize that his or her
        employer/master or mistress acted in a most evil fashion by giving/
        forcing upon him or her the artifact or relic; so the character
        will use every wile to escape the player character and take the item
        along to give to his or her religious leaders or other suzerain. (And,
        of course, this character will never again associate with the player
        character in question.)

All hirelings && henchmen of a player character foisting off on artifact or
relic in such manner will have a drop in loyalty of 10%-30% if the character
having the item is permanently harmed or killed.

All artifacts and relics are of such power that they are virtually impervious
to harm - magical or physical. Some predate the known gods, and others
were formed by the gods. Typically, each can only be destroyed by a
single means. A table after those of powers and effects gives a sampling
of the various means suggested. Any character attempting to destroy an
artifact or relic by disassembling its parts, removing a portion, or similarly
defacing it must usually save versus magic at -5; failure equals death.

Many of these items tend to make their possessor reclusive, secretive,
arrogant, and/or greedy. These effects are best to handle through manipulation
of the player by means of powers, non-player characters, etc.

Finally, whatever befalls the possessor of an artifact or relic, or the effects
he or she causes by use of the prime powers (or even the major powers in
some cases), is permanent and usually irreversible by the most powerful
of spells- including wishes, for example - or even bydeities. Exception:
A deity who created the item, or one which can fully control it, may (at
your option) be able to reverse effects of some powers.
Dice Result Encumbrance G.P. Sale Value*
01 Axe of the Dwarvish Lords - 55,000
02 Baba Yaga's Hut - 90,000
03-0 Codex of the Infinite Planes 395# 62,500
05-20 Crown of Might - 50,000
21 Crystal of the Ebon Flame - 75,000
22 Cup and Talisman of Al'Akbar - 85,000
23-24 Eye of Vecna - 35,000
25 Hand of Vecna - 60,000
26 Heward's Mystical Organ - 25,000
27 Horn of Change - 20,000
28-29 Invulnerable Coat of Arnd - 47,500
30-31 Iron Flask of Tuerny the Merciless - 50,000
32 Jacinth of Inestimable Beauty - 100,000
33 Joyhdee's Mask - 40,000
34-35 Kuroth's Quill - 27,500
36-37 Mace of Cuthbert - 35,000
38 Machine of Lum the Mad - 72,500
39-40 Mighty Servant of Leuk-O - 185,000
41-47 Orb of Dragonkind - 10-80,000
48-63 Orb of Might - 100,000
64 Queen Ehlissa's Marvelous Nightingale - 112,500
65-66 Recorder of Ye'Cind - 80,000
67-68 Ring of Gaxx - 17,500
69-74 Rod of Seven Parts - 25,000
75-91 Sceptre of Might - 150,000
92 Sword of Kas - 97,000
93-98 Teeth of Dahlver-Nar - 5,000 / tooth
99 Throne of the Gods - ---
00 Wand of Orcus - 10,000

* These items bring no experience points.

Darius wrote:
Then why were their artifacts in AD&D if you do not like having them in a campaign?

Two simple reasons:

To furnish potent magical things for the use of unbeatable NPCs.

Because of demand by Monty Hall DMs to supply their power-gaming munchkins.

Do note that Brian Blume was the main creator od many of the latter sort of artifacts.


Stormcrow wrote:
Also note that artifacts were designed so that the referee chose its powers. There was a problem at the time of players memorizing the powers of all the magic items in the game, and this was one way to combat it...

I did create an Artifact for son Luke's PC after that worthy had gone through severe tests.
I told him to that if he found a needle in a haystack in an hour's time thet Zagyg would reward him with a special weapon.
Durned if the lad didn't burn the hay and find the "needle" easily.

Thus that PC came into possession of the Spear of Zagyg. It is a needle until drawn forth from fabric and commanded to become a weapon.
A d8 is rolled and the weapon size and plus is determined thus.
Somehow. though, a +8 pike is not the favored result 


Originally Posted by Geoffrey
Gary, in the artifacts and relics section of your DMG, you mention several evocative names of various locations. A few of them I recognize out of mythology, but many of them leave me scratching my head. Did you make these up, or did you take them from mythology and/or weird fiction? If it's not too much trouble, would you be able to tell me the sources for these?

the Well of Time
the Earth Wound
Adonais' Deep (Shelley's Adonais, stanza III?)
the Spring of Eternity
Marion's Trench (Is this the Mariana Trench?)
the Living Stone
Mountain of Thunder
the Tree of the Universe (Is this Yggdrasil?)
the Cornerstone of the World
Artur's Dolmen
the Juggernaut of the Endless Labyrinth
the Ray of Eternal Shrinking
the Well of Life (Is this the Fountain of Youth?)
the River of Flame

Short answer here 

I made them up, although a few were inspired by things I had read, such as Yggdrasil being the model for the Tree of Universe. To be specific would have chained DMs to my thinking. As writtem this empowers DMs to have those locations be where, and possibly what, best suits their campaign.

Now it is cocktail time 


Originally Posted by the black knight
Hey Gary,

Once again, thanks for your responses. I found them quite insightful.

If you don't mind, I'd like to pick your brain on the subject of magic items and artifacts. How many artifacts have you introduced into your campaigns over the years? Have any had a detrimental effect upon the campaign? Do you regret introducing such an item?

Welcome of course.

As I recall only one minor artifact was introduced to in my campaign. Son Luke's PC discovered it when he met a deadline for finding a needle in a haystack by burning the latter. He thus gained the Spear of Zagig. When the pin was held and commanded to become a weapon a d8 was rolled, the result determining the weapon and its attack bous, with 1 being a +1 dagger, 2 a +2 short sword, all the way to a +8 pike.

This was a most humerous artifact from the DM perspective, and I never regretted adding it to the campaign.

Originally Posted by the black knight
Lastly, how do you feel about characters creating their own magic items? Does that remove the excitement of discovering such magic? Does it better facilitate characters in the long run? Should it be reletively easy the way it has become of late?


the black knight

Mages of over 20th level cancreate their own magic items, as they are not going to be adventuring in the campaign, nor handing them out to PC that are doing so. Mordenkainen and Bigby stay home and forge and concont such things. they will smetmes trade their work for one or more other magic items that are more valuable.

You want a particular magic item PC, you can not buy it ir make it! Go out and quest to find it. That is a part of the RPG form now isn't it?