Multiple Characters for a Single Player


Conducting the Game

There is no absolute prohibition regarding multiple characters belonging
to a single player. Where it is deemed beneficial, the Dungeon Master
may allow multiple characters as he or she sees fit. For instance, when the
maior character of a player i s off on some special trip, he or she may be
allowed to use a new character, rather than playing the part of one of his
or her character's henchmen. In fact, one player can have several
characters providing he or she is a good, co-operative campaign participant
capable of properly handling such multiple roles.

In general the multiple characters belonging to a single player should not
be associates. One should not "know" information, or be able to communicate
knowledge which is peculiar to him or her to the other. One such
character should not automatically regard another controlled by the same
player as a friend. Money and/or valuable items cannot be freely interchanged.
In short, each such character must be played as an individual. As
DM, you must be prepared to step in and take the part of one such
character if the player is abusing the privilege of having multiple
characters. Do so quickly and firmly, and the player will be likely to understand
that you will brook no foolishness - particularly if the character you
take the persona of becomes hostile and aggressive to demands from the

In campaigns where there are only a few players, or where only a few of
the many players are really good players, it is likely that each (good)
player will have several characters. Over the course of many games, some
will be on reasonable, if not friendly, terms with others, some will avoid
others, and some will actually be enemies. Explain to your players that you
don't obiect to them having multiple characters if they are willing to play
each as a separate and distinct individual, and that should be sufficient
advice to any player capable of handling two or more characters.

Quote, RFisher:
Another completely unrelated thing I wondered about recently: In the early days, when Rob DMed for you, were you typically the only player?
It seems like nearly all of the tales I recall of your PCs don't feature anyone else's PCs.

Because Rob was kind enough to DM for me when I was working at home, about half of the adventures I enjoyed were single player--me playing one or more, usually more, of my PCs.
the remainder of play was with one or more other persons, on occasion a dozen or more, so I can play just about any way.
the tales I recount are generally those of more memorable sort--easy when only one person is making the decisions and those decisions turn out very well or most unfortunate...

Originally Posted by oldschooler
Big one: I have very few players (if any) at any given time. Should they each use more than one character, or should I just cut down on encounter strengths in published adventures? I'd hate to slice the number of critters in, say, Castle Zagyg by half or more! How many characters have you allowed a player to run at one time in the same adventure?

I allow the players to decide the matter.
If they enjoy playing two or three PCs and manage that well, why not?
I used to do that a lot, as I couldn't schedule my RPG time to suit the group, so I'd have solo-games DMed for me, often as i did other work.


Originally Posted by rossik
mr gygax...

atlking about players, dms and stuff...

what do u think about a player that have more than one character?
in case of small groups (lets say 2, or even 1 player!)

have u played/DMed like this?

I believe it is a splendid idea for players able to manage two or more PCs. I did that a good deal myself...although if I was playing more that three characters it became difficult for me to handle each and every one properly. Two was no problem, and three was passably done.