Loyalty of Henchmen & Hirelings, Obedience and Morale

Typical Loyalty, Obedience, 
and Morale Check Situations
Loyalty of Henchmen and Allied Creatures
Loyalty Base Modifiers
Torm (god of obedience)

    [IF] the total [A+B+C+D+E+F+G+H+I+J+K+L]
is less than [<]
the number shown on the dice [GETRAND:%],
    [THEN] the figure or figures in question are disloyal, disobedient, or have poor morale.

The loyalty of all NPCs associated with a given PCs depends upon many factors.
[1st] and foremost is the CHA of the PC, of course.
This initial loyalty is modified by subsequent factors and the continuing relations between liege and his or her henchmen and
Loyalty is important when trouble arises --
    whether it is some insidious plot from within,
    a challenge from a rival,
    or in adventures or warfare.
Typical situations which require a check for loyalty, obedience or morale are shown hereafter.
Checks are made by adjustment of the base loyalty score (due to the PCs charisma rating) [A].
The final total is compared to the result of the percentile <(%)> dice roll, and
    [IF] the total [A+B+C+D+E+F+G+H+I+J+K+L] is less than [<] the number shown on the dice [GETRAND:%],
    [THEN] the figure or figures in question are disloyal, disobedient, or have poor morale.
<check the above sentence, it was noted on RFI8 that something's not right : change "less than" to "greater than" ... thanks guys!>

offered bribe co-operates
ordered to testify against liege agrees
has a chance to steal goods steals
left alone in possible danger deserts
abandoned deserts
ordered into possible danger refuses
ordered to perform heroic act refuses
ordered to perform heroic && dangerous act refuses
ordered to rescue party member(s) refuses
ordered to rescue liege refuses
in combat with possibly dangerous foe runs away

[A] NORMAL LOYALTY BASE: 50% +/- charisma adjustment<link>


Adjusted Loyalty Score <SUM> Loyalty
Less than 01 None -- 
will attempt to kill, capture, harm, or desert at first possible opportunity
01-25 Disloyal -- 
will always seek own advantage regardless of circumstances
26-50 Little -- 
will seek own advantage at first sign of weakness
51-75  Fair -- 
will support cause if no great risk is involved
76-00 Loyal -- 
will always attempt to further the ends of the liege, even at great risk
Greater than 00 Fanatical -- 
will serve unquestioningly and lay down own life if necessary without hesitation


Enlistment Or Association Modifier
associated NPC <associate?> -10%
captured and enlisted -15%
henchman +5%
hired mercenary 0%
hired mercenary, short term -5%
slave -30%

Length Of Enlistment or Association* Modifier
less than 1 month -5%
less than 1 year 0%
1 to 5 years +10%
more than 5 years +25%

* This includes time between service or length of time that the PC has been generally known and familiar to the figure(s) in question.

Training Or Status Level Modifier
untrained or peasant -25%
little training, levied troops -15%
newly recruited regulars -5%
trained regulars +10%
elite, sub-officers, minor officials/expert hireling +20%
guards, officers, or major officials/henchman +30%

Pay Or Treasure Shared Modifier
none -20%
partial, late, or unfair -10%
average 0%
above average, choice shares +5%
exceptional, bonuses, gift items* +10%

* Typically magic items if a henchman is concerned

Discipline/Activity Modifier
none/one -10%
lax/little -5%
firm and harsh/occasional 0%
firm and fair/often +10%


General Treatment By Liege Modifier
inhuman && heartless -25%
cruel && domineering -10%*
indifferent && uncaring or variable -5%
just && invariable +10%
just, kind, and invariable +15%

*Applies only when the liege is not present, is incapacitated or dead;
if the liege is near and in power, minuses are treated as pluses - otherwise treat as 0% adjustment (fear)

Racial Preference For Liege Associated Group
antipathy -5% -10%
good will +10% +5%
hatred -20% -15%
neutral 0% 0%
preferred +20% +15%
tolerance 0% -5%

NOTE: Preference adjustments are cumulative,
            but only with regard to liege and associates,
            and with respect to the latter group only the most disliked or most liked are counted.

Alignment Factors - -
Alignment Is Liege Associated Group
1 place removed 0% 0%
2 place removed -15% -5%
3 place removed -35% -20%

lawful evil -- lawful neutral = 1 place removed
lawful evil -- lawful good = 2 places removed
lawful evil -- chaotic good = 3 places removed

Alignment of Liege Modifier
lawful good +15%
lawful neutral +10%
lawful evil +5%
neutral good 0%
neutral 0%
chaotic good -5%
chaotic neutral -10%
neutral evil -15%
chaotic evil -20%

Special Considerations Modifer
killed faithful henchman || hireling in front of a witness(es) -40%
tortured faithful henchman or hireling in front of a witness(es) -30%
reputed to have slain faithful henchmen or hirelings or actually left them to die -20%
foresworn or oath breaker or deserter -15%
rumored to have tortured faithful henchmen -10%
discharged faithful henchmen or hirelings without cause -5%
given a choice gift or bonus within last two months (hireling) or three months (henchmen) +5%
risked life for within last six months (hireling) or one year (henchman)  +10%
ransomed or rescued within one year +15%
saved life directly or personally +25%
uses and diminishes his or her own magic to benefit the NPC 
(including use of spells, especially cures).
returned henchman or hireling to normal state from death-like state, had raised or resurrected +30%

NOTE: Apply only one penalty and one bonus maximum, whichever either category is the higher.

Situation Modifiers Modifer
liege dead or surrounded and outnumbered -25%
liege hors de combat -15%
each henchman dead or hors de combat -5%
each HD or level dead, friendly -3%
each HD or level alive, enemy -1%
each HD or level dead, enemy +1%
each HD or level alive, friendly +2%
each henchman present, in sight, alive +5%
liege present, in sight, alive +15%

When all modifying factors [B-K] have been checked, adjust the base loyalty [A] and roll percentile dice as noted above.
(If you are certain of your DM ability, most of these factors should be apparent without actually checking them out,
simply by empathizing with the character or group in question, and having them act accordingly.
Until you are absolutely certain, however, it is urged that you use these tables.)

These rules should be used in conjunction with those given under Morale in COMBAT.