Command Words


Use of Magic Items

In order to use a rod, staff or wand, it is usually necessary to know the
proper command word. There are several possible ways to acquire this
knowledge. If the item is/was in the possession of an opponent, it may be
possible to learn the appropriate word or phrase directly, either by noting
what he or she says when using the item, or by causing the possessor to
divulge the information through force or trickery. It is common for spellusers
to keep such information recorded among their hidden scrolls and
spell books, in case their memories should somehow become impaired (or
simply prove insufficient) and the words be forgotten.

If none of these sources should fit the situation, and the item was not found
with an accompanying scroll explaining its use and history, it may be
necessary to resort to informational spells such as contact other plane,
legend lore || speak with dead.


gideon_thorne wrote:
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Pish & Tosh!

That is quite impossible with items that require a command word, and that was a stipulated condition.


*impish grin* I know, I know. Im a maverick who changes rules at the drop of a hat.

I wonder who's gaming style inspired that eh? *pokes* 


Command word requirement is virtually immutable in all but Monty Haul play