Construction Time


Construction & Siege

Earth Excavation: The cost of the ditch 100' in length, 10' deep, and 20'
wide assumes that a crew of 3-4 men work for six weeks. If soil is heavy
clay, time will be doubled.

Stone Constructions: Fortress-like stone constructions take about one
week per 10' cubic section. Adding 50% to the expenditure will double the
rate of construction, but to triple the rate of construction, expenditure must
be increased to 250% of the base cost - the maximum increase in construction
rate. Normal stone buildings as shown on the cost list, require
four months to construct, including interior work. All times assume building
materials are on hand. Quarry work and transportation, if any, are additional
cost and time factors. Architect costs are also additional.

Wood Constructions: Wooden buildings take approximately one-half the
time it takes to construct similar buildings with stone. Wooden hoardings,
for example, can be built at the rate of a 10' section per day.

[Estimates] : There are so many variable factors involved that the times given for completion
of any given construction must be vague. If you do not wish to
spend undue amounts of time calculating, it is suggested that you use the
following rough estimates for construction time:
Moat house, shell keep, small castle 1 year + 2-8 months
Small castle with outer and inner walls, medium 2 years + 1-6 months
Medium castle with outer and inner walls, large castle 3 years + 2-8 months
Large concentric castle, walling average town 5 years + 1-12 months

Times assume that an architect has prepared plans in advance, and that
normal costs are expended in construction. If additional monies are spent,
time is reduced as noted for stone constructions. With respect to walling
urban areas, citizens who willingly labor to SPEED construction will reduce
time by 50%.

<>typically have two 4'wide merlons and two embrasures 3'wide.