Creation of Holy/Unholy Water

Magical Research

Only clerics, excluding druids, are able to prepare holy water - or unholy
water in the case of evil clerics. As a third level spell is involved, i t requires
a cleric of not less than 5th level of experience to manage to create such
fluid. The process is as follows:

A specially blessed/cursed basin of fine workmanship and precious metal
(copper, silver, electrum, gold, or plotinum) must be fashioned for the
cleric. This vessel must be engraved with the holy/unholy symbols of the
cleric's deity or deities, and i t must be within a special repository of finely
crafted and carefully worked rare wood, with a base, pedestal, chest-like
holder and lid - the whole being known as a font. The basin is placed
within the font, and the cleric then casts the following spells in succession,
while robed in formal vestments appropriate to his or her religious persuasion:

    create water
    purify food & drink (the water) or its reverse
    bless or its reverse
    chant ( 1 full turn)

The amount of water created depends upon the metal of the receptacle,
and this is shown hereafter, along with suggested costs for the various
parts of the font. Once created, the holy/unholy water cannot leave the
font far more than a turn without losing its efficacy unless it is placed
within specially blessed/cursed vials of crystal - either rock or special
leaded glass. Each empty vial is worth 2-5 gold pieces.

    Holy/Unholy Water Receptacles:
Metal Capacity for Creation Minimum - Maximum Basin Cost Font Cost
copper 6 vials 130 - 180 g.p. 200 g.p.
silver 10 vials 1900 - 2400 g.p. 500 g.p.
electrum 18 vials 8000 - 12,000 g.p. 1000 g.p.
gold 32 vials 19,000 - 22,000 g.p. 1500 g.p.
platinum 50 vials 110,000 - 200,000 g.p. 2000 g.p.

You may allow combination metal vessels with capacity according to the
composition, found by interpolation of the above capacity figures, i.e., a
copper basin chased with silver and set with silver rim ond handles would
hold 8 vials and cost 50% of the copper vessel plus 50% of the silver vessel
price. Fonts and basins must be designed and constructed on special order,
the process taking 4-10 (2d4 + 2) weeks.

Capacities are designed far game purposes so as to limit supplies of
holy/unholy water. They can be justified by the rationale that the deities
find more precious metals more pleasing than those of less worth, so they
are prone to grant more favor upon such offering vessels.

Limit Of Creation: Holy water or unholy water may be made but once per
week. The ritual takes a full day of prayers and meditation, followed by
the actual ritual, followed by a need for not less than 8 hours of rest and
repose. Only one holy/unholy water font per religious edifice is possible,
as deities look upon anything other as unworthy and excessive.

Defilement Of Fonts: If any non-believer blesses/curses an unholy/holy
font, or uses less refined means such as excreting wastes into a font or
basin, the whale is absolutely desecrated, defiled, and unfit. It must be
smelted down and remade in toto. The cost will be 20% to 50% of the
normal figures shown above, and the process will take from 4 to 6 weeks.
Note that either method of defilement requires actual contact with the font
and its vessel. Any blessing or cursing from a distance will be absolutely
ineffectual and wasted. Relics might either defile by touch or prevent defilement
by being encased within the font or receptacle, at your option.

Note Regarding The Drinking Of Holy Water:

Ingesting or bathing with holy water will have the beneficial effect of
slowing the onset of lycanthropy or of becoming undead. For each vial so
used, the process is slowed by from 1-4 turns. This time delay i s to be
secretly determined and noted.