Characteristics for Player Characters

Creating the Player Character - - - -
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Use of the NPC personality traits and characteristics for player characters is NOT recommended.
The purpose of AD&D is to allow participants to create and develop interesting player characters who will adventure and interact
with their surroundings.
If personality traits are forced upon PCs,
then participants will be doing little more than moving automatons around while you,
the DM,
tell them how their characters react to situations.
It is therefore absolutely necessary for you to allow each player the right to develop his or her character as he or she chooses!

This is not to say that some of the information used for development of NPCs cannot be used for PCs.
If a player asks to have you make certain determinations for his or her character,
you may do so if you believe that the player will be able to properly act the part as dictated by the dice rolls.

Height and weight should be randomly determined for each PC,
and the HEIGHT AND WEIGHT TABLES in the PERSONAE OF NON-PLAYER CHARACTERS section are useful in this regard.
However, these tables do not actually give sufficient variation in upper limits of height and weight of humans,
so you might find it necessary to allow the following height and weight variations for human player characters:

Human Male: Height -- 2-20; Weight -- 10-200#

Human Female: Height -- 2-12"; Weight -- 10-120#