Aids to Playing AD&D
Did You Mean: Approaches to Playing AD&D?

The Game

Various products such as modules,
playing aids,
and miniature figurines will be most helpful in establishing and maintaining an interesting and exciting campaign.
There are so many such products available that it is not possible to detail each here,
but some guidance can be given.
Paper products range from record sheets for characters and special screens for the DM, <note the different kinds of record sheets, with colored links>
which contain frequently-consulted charts and tables on his or her side,
to complete dungeon or world scenarios.

TSR provides a broad selection of such goods, some of which are listed at the back of this work.

You can obtain a complete list by writing to TSR at the address shown on
the cover and asking for a current catalog.

The outlet for TSR products in Great Britain is:
    TSR Hobbies (U.K. Limited),
    the Mill,
    Rathmore Road,
    Cambridge, CB1-4AD England.

The only other source of approved and official AD&D material is
    Judges Guild,
    1165 North University Ave.,
    IL 62526.
    <(JG Archive)>

Judges Guild publishes a large and continually expanding line of materials,
and you should contact them for their current catalog.
While there are many other works which appear to be useful in a campaign,
only those bearing the AD&D logo and approval mark should be used.

<use this as a quote at the top of the JG page:
"All within are merely an inspiration for the active and pontifical judges of the guild. Please alter, illuminate, expand, modify, extrapolate, interpolate,
shrink and further manipulate all contained to suit the tenor of your campaign."- Judges Guild dictum>

Miniature figures used to represent characters and monsters add color and life to the game.
They also make the task of refereeing action,
particularly combat,
easier too! In combination with a gridded surface,
such as the DUNGEON FLOORPLANS (to be published by TSR in the near future),
these miniatures will add a whole new dimension to your playing enjoyment.
It is suggested that you urge your players to provide painted figures representing their characters,
henchmen, and hirelings involved in play.

The monsters can be furnished by you - possibly purchased through collection of small fees levied on each playing session.
The OFFICIAL ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS miniature figures will be released by

Grenadier Models,
POB 305,
PA 19064,
about November 1979.

These figures are the only ones which comply in all respects to AD&D
specifications and the AD&D MONSTER MANUAL.
Contact Grenadier for an up-to-date listing of available figures.
Other approved lines of fantasy figures APPROVED FOR USE WITH AD&D will be offered by select manufacturers.
Always look for the name,
and the TSR approval mark before purchasing figures for your campaign.

It is also very important to keep abreast of what is happening in the world of adventure gaming.
You may do so by subscribing to such publications as THE DRAGON and

or you might find it convenient to purchase them from your favorite game supplier.
For current frequency and costs, drop a card or letter to the address shown below,
and ask for the latest information.

United States
TSR Periodicals
POB 110
Lake Geneva, WI 53147

Be certain to specify the names of the publications you are interested in.

Again, a word of warning.
Many products might purport to be satisfactory for use with ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS,
but only those noted as OFFICIAL or Authorized AD&D items should be accepted.
Do not settle for substitutes or second-rate material in your campaign; ask for approved AD&D products only!

Question: What does "TSR" stand for?

Answer: TSR doesn't really stand for anything,
any longer. The letters were taken from
the initials of the parent company, Tactical
Studies Rules. Tactical Studies Rules no
longer exists; only TSR, Inc. remains.

Question: Will TSR publish my module?

Answer: TSR works with published authors only.
If you haven't been published, try the
POLYHEDRON Newszine (if you're an
RPGA Network member); or DUNGEON
Adventures. Be sure to write for guidelines
and send a query letter first.

Gary Gygax had advocated arranging a licensing agreement between TSR, Inc. and Mayfair Games for their Role Aids line of game supplements, but was outvoted in the board meeting considering the question.
- Wikipedia (Mayfair Games: History)

REF1 Dungeon Master's Screen
Dungeon Master's Screen
REF2 Player Character Record Sheets
Player Character Record Sheets
Non-Player Character Record Sheets
Permanent Character Folder & Adventure Record

Combat Compter

Dungeon Master's Adventure Log
Rogue's Gallery

Q: Where can I find reusable hex
sheets for making game maps?

A: The TSR Mail Order Hobby Shop sells
laminated sheets with 25mm hexes on one
side and 25mm squares on the other. One
can draw on them with overhead projector
pens or other water-soluble markers,
then wipe them clean for reuse. This
product is called a laminated hex sheet; its
stock number is Z-10500, and it costs
$5.00 per 21" x 34" sheet. This product
is not in the catalog, but can be ordered
by mail.


Plaag wrote:
Hello Gary,

Guess this is the place to ask...

I'm wondering about the history TSR had with Judges Guild. Also since some of the earlier products seem to give credit to the Chainmail, Greyhawk supplement books and Dungeons and Dragons, how much input did you provide, and what restrictions if any did you specify for their material?



The license arrangement with JG was made by BNrian Blume, not me.
He gave them permission to use the TSR copyrighted works you note.

I disapproved of the arrangement, as there was no TSR quality control.


Originally posted by Tewligan
Mr. Gygax, I humbly offer up a question to thee:

Back in "the day", Judge's Guild material was pretty much official D&D/AD&D. In addition to JG's contributions, however, I remember plenty of material by plenty of other companies that declared themselves to be suitable for use with all major fantasy RPG's, or something to that effect. A quick look inside these books made it clear that "all major fantasy RPG's" meant "AD&D." Occasionally a term would be changed ("strength" becomes "might", "hit points" becomes "wounds"), but it was obviously D&D without coming out and saying it. I was just curious if this kind of thing got TSR's legal hackles up, or was it overlooked or even encouraged? Of course, I do remember the stern warning in the DMG against using unofficial material, but was there any non-TSR/JG material at the time that caught your fancy?

As protective of its IP rights as TSR was, there was never any thought of attempting to somehow patent the RPG system. As long as the marks, D&D and AD&D were not used, or likenesses of creatures unique to TSR's games weren't used, "generic" material was ignored--neither encouraged nor discouraged.

Judge's Guild requested and received a license to use the marks belonging to TSR on its products. I was all for that, and wanted to license Mayfair's "Role Aids" line later on, but the BLumes would not agree.

As for me using any generic material, no. I was too busy creating new work of my own, checking that done in house, or going over tournament module material. never enough hours in a day to get in half what I would have liked to.


Originally Posted by Geoffrey
Gary, what is your opinion of:

1. Bob Bledsaw's old Judges Guild FRPG stuff


2. Dave Hargrave's old Aruin stuff?

Did you ever use much of either in your campaign?

I have nothing very positive to say, so I shall say very little.

Some of the JG stuff was useful...

Arduin Gromoire had no redeaming features that I could discover.


Originally Posted by robertsconley
Did Bob Bledsaw and Judges Guild have any influence on development of 1st Edition AD&D?

Just curious


Rob Conley

Surely you jest!


Originally Posted by robertsconley
Ok you got me , it was a obvious question.

I just curious if you had any stories about it. I read accounts about those days from Bob, Bill Owen, etc and I was just curious in what details you could supply. 

Rob Conley

Actually there was little contact between TSR staff and the JG pep[;e/They sent prosepective mss.
to TSR, and someone at the company suposedly read them and gave an okay or asked for revisions.
That operation was generally the purview of Brian Blume.





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