Aerial Travel


Adventures in the Air
The Adventure

Long-distance aerial travel can be accomplished by use of either magical device or flying mount.
Certain magic items (such as a broom or carpet of flying) do not have limited duration of USES,
and thus are the most efficient forms of such travel (though a broom of flying may not be very comfortable to use for hours on end).

Your players may want to know how far they can go in a day on a flying carpet (or other similar device).
For the purposes of long-distance aerial travel, assume every 3" of speed equals one mile per hour.
Thus, a broom of flying, with a speed of 30", can fly long distances at an average speed of 10 m.p.h.,
and can cover about 100 miles in a day (assuming ten hours of semi-continuous travel during daylight).
The above formula does not necessarily apply to short-distance travel.

If your players are unimpressed by these kinds of distances,
remind them that in a pre-technological civilization they are little short of miraculous.
Some of your players may have walked as far as twenty miles in one day.
Ask them to remember how far it was.

Flying Mounts:

Most flying mounts will be either griffons, hippogriffs or pegasi.
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All of these should be very difficult to acquire, and even harder to train.
None of these types will mix with the others
(griffons will eat pegasi or hippogriffs if given a chance,
and hippogriffs confined with pegasi will bully them whenever possible).

All flying mounts must REST <1> one hour for every <3> three they fly,
and they can never fly more than <9> nine hours a day.
During their rest periods they will eat as if famished:
this means meat for griffons or hippogriffs,
and green living plants, preferably of a succulent nature, or fine hay and oats, for pegasi.

Use of more exotic types of flying mounts will generally require some
form of spell control (such as charm monster),
though the more intelligent ones may possibly give their permission and cooperation in certain circumstances.
This does not ensure ease of handling and stability on the part of the rider, however.
Likewise, griffons, hippogriffs and pegasi can be charmed and ridden.

To be able to fight while flying any aerial mount requires considerable practice.
To become adept at aerial archery entails at least two months of continual practice
(cf. AERIAL COMBAT, Aerial Missile Fire).

Flying mounts, Aerial Combat: All flying mounts will move at one maneuverability
class worse than normal when mounted. This applies even if the rider
is as small as a halfling or gnome. The only exceptions to this are E
class creatures such as dragons, which are large enough to carry
human-sized riders at no penalty. Normal spell use while riding a
flying mount is of course impossible (though certain magic devices
may be used).