Wisdom is a composite term for the character’s enlightenment,
judgement, wile, will power, and (to a certain extent) intuitiveness. It has
a certain effect on saves against some magical attack modes. It is
of utmost importance to clerics, their major characteristic, and those with
wisdom of 16 or greater add 10% to earned xperience. Furthermore, clerics
with exceptional wisdom (13 or greater) also gain bonus spells over and
above the number they are normally able to use. The two tables which
follow detail the info pertaining to the effects of wisdom.

Ability Score General Information Magical Attack Adjustment / Spell Immunities <>
3 - -3 -
4 - -2 -
5 Here or lower, the character can only be a thief. -1 -
6 - -1 -
7 - -1 -
8 - none -
9 Min. WIS for a cleric character. 
Min. WIS for spirit folk.
none -
10 Min. WIS for sohei. none -
11 - none -
12 Min. WIS for a druid character. 
Min. WIS for kensai, shukenja, and hengeyokai.
none -
13 Min. WIS for a paladin or multi-classed half-elven cleric character.
Min. WIS for samurai.
none -
14 Max. WIS for a half-orc character.
Min. WIS for a ranger character.
none -
15 Min. WIS for monk. +1 -
16 Max. WIS for barbarian. +2 -
17 Max. WIS for a halfling character.
Min. WIS for the use of 6th level spells.
Min. WIS for korobokuru.
+3 -
18 Min. WIS for the use of 7th level spells. +4 Buddha
19 - Cause fear, charm person, command, friends, hypnotism -
20 - Forget, hold person, ray of enfeeblement, scare -
21 - Beguiling, domination, fear -
22 - Charm monster, confusion, emotion, fumble, suggestion, telempathic projection -
23 - Chaos, feeblemind, hold monster, magic jar, mass domination, quest -
24 - Geas, mass suggestion, rulership -
25 - Antipathy/sympathy, finger of death, mass charm, Otto's irresistable dance -

* This adjustment applies to the saving throw of the character in question,
the penalfy for low wisdom, or the bonus for high wisdom, being used to
alter the result of the die roll accordingly. The adjustment applies only to
mental attack forms involving will force, i.e. beguiling, charming, fear,
hypnosis, illusion, magic jarring, mass charming, phantasmal forces,
possession, rulership, suggestion, telepathic attack, etc.

Ability Score Spell Bonus Spell Bonus Spell Bonus Chance of Spell Failure
9 none none - 20%
10 none none - 15%
11 none none - 10%
12 none none - 05%
13 One 1st level (1st:1) 1 0%
14 One 1st level (1st:2) 2 0%
15 One 2nd level (1st:2), (2nd:1)  21 0%
16 One 2nd level (1st:2), (2nd:2)  22 0%
17 One 3rd level* (1st:2), (2nd:2), (3rd:1)  221 0%
18 One 4th level** (1st:2), (2nd:2), (3rd:1), (4th:1) 221 1 0%
19 One 4th & one 1st (1st:3), (2nd:2), (3rd:1), (4th:2) 321 2 0%
20 One 4th & one 2nd (1st:3), (2nd:3), (3rd:1), (4th:3) 331 3 0%
21 One 5th & one 3rd (1st:3), (2nd:2), (3rd:2), (4th:2), (5th:1) 322 21 0%
22 One 5th & one 4th (1st:3), (2nd:2), (3rd:2), (4th:3), (5th:2) 322 32 0%
23 Two 5th levels (1st:3), (2nd:2), (3rd:2), (4th:2), (5th:4) 322 24 0%
24 Two 6th levels (1st:3), (2nd:2), (3rd:2), (4th:2), (5th:4), (6th: 2) 322 245 0%
25 One 6th & one 7th (1st:3), (2nd:2), (3rd:2), (4th:2), (5th:4), (6th: 3), (7th: 1) 322 243 1 0%

* Minimum wisdom for use of 6th level spells
** Minimum wisdom for use of 7th level spells

Notes Regarding Wisdom Table II:
Spell Bonus indicates the number of additional spells the cleric is entitled to according to wisdom ability score. Note that these spells are only available when the cleric is entitled to spells of the applicable level. Bonus spells are cumulative, so a cleric with 14 wisdom is entitled to two 1st level bonus spells, one with 15 wisdom has two 1st and one 2nd level bonus spells, etc.

SA: Rangers && paladins && bards do not get bonus spells for high wisdom.

Chance of Spell Failure states the percantage chance of failure clerics with low wisdom risk when casting spells. To determine if a spell fails, percentile dice are rolled, and if the number generated is equal to or less than the number shown for failure, the spell is expended and has absolutely no effect whatsoever. For addtional information regarding clerics, see the section pertaining to clerics as characters given hereafter.

SA: Chance of Spell Failure applies to all classes (ie. this applies to rangers and paladins and bards as well).

Athena (goddess of wisdom)
Zivilyn (god of wisdom)
St. Cuthbert (god of wisdom)

Q: Do druids get bonus spells for
high wisdom, as do clerics? Are
there other classes that get bonus

A: Druids are clerics and do gain bonus
spells for high wisdom. No other classes
get bonus spells, including those that can
cast clerical or druidical spells (like rangers,
bards, and paladins).


Well amigo...

I have to say that the case you use to support your argument isn't germane to the broad class of Druids.
As Wisdom is their principal measure, they are to receve bonus spells.

Specialized spells for sects is another matter entirely, those being taken in place of the general list.
The general mention of bonus spells for the Druids of Elonna was included to reinforce the broad grant,
to indicate that they too got those as did other Druids.

Sorry not to be able to concur with your position, but...


ScottyG wrote:
Gary, did you give druid PCs wisdom-based bonus spells?


Short answer: No. I believe that the class has sufficient power without addig to it.


Darius wrote:

Middle English, from Old English wIse; akin to Old High German wIsa manner, Greek eidos form, idein

(I too can look up and copy and paste from dictionary sites 

Which is more than some can manage...


I can copy and paste from the OED (CD-ROM), though given the definitions you gave, you might not like it if I quote the material on those words.
(I'm afraid it supports Rowling's usages much better than yours.)[/quote]

Are you still posting here?


Of course I no longer imbibe to excess, gray hair bringing me that wisdom...