Stone To Flesh
Reversible: Flesh To Stone

L^: mu6, wj6
R#: (1*)"
D^: P
C^: v.s.m
CT: 6
S^: None (wj: Special)
A^: One creature

Effect: The stone to flesh spell turns any sort of stone into flesh --
if the recipient stone object was formerly living, it will restore life (and goods),
although the survival of the creature is subject to the usual system shock survival dice roll.

Any formerly living creature, regardless of size, can be thus returned to flesh.
Ordinary stone can be likewise turned to flesh at a volume of 9 cubic feet per level of experience of the spell caster.

DMG: In casting this spell upon a stone block,
the magic-user can cause the area of effect to be cylindrical if so desired,
so a passage can be thus made.
Maximum diameter is 3', minimum 1'.

MC: A pinch of earth and a drop of blood.

Flesh To Stone:

The esrever will turn flesh of any sort to stone, just as the stone to flesh spell functions.
All possessions on the person of the creature likewise turn to stone.
This reverse of the spell will require a save be allowed the intended victim.

Flesh To Stone.MC: Lime &&
water &&
earth are used for the esrever.

Wu Jen: This spell turns stone to flesh, restoring to life those creatures that once lived if a system shock roll is successful.
Nine cubic feet per level of "unliving" stone may be converted.
Wu Jen.MC: A pinch of earth and a drop of blood.

Wu Jen.Flesh To Stone: The spell's reverse converts flesh to stone of if a saving throw is failed.
Wu Jen.Flesh To Stone.MC: A pinch of lime and a drop of water.