Polymorph AnyObject

Seriously, this is the best Omen could do?

L^: mu8, wj8
R#: (1/2")*
D^: Variable
C^: v.s.m
CT: 1 round
S^: S
A^: S
psionic encounter: 25%
UW : No *

Wu Jen: This spell changes one object to another.

If used as a polymorph other or stone to flesh, saves are at -4.
Otherwise, duration and effect depend upon how far removed (in kingdom, class, relationship, size, shape, and Intelligence) the final result is from the original,
with small changes being permanent.
Creatures affected by this spell must make a system shock roll, and radiate a strong magic while polymorphed.


Save: When used as a polymorph other or stone to flesh,
simply treat the spell as a more powerful version,
with saves made at -4 on the die.

Effect: This spell changes one object (living or otherwise) into another.
When it is cast in order to change other objects,
the duration of the spell will depend on how radically removed the original was from its magicked state,
as well as how different in size.
This will be determined by your DM by comparing:

    kingdom - animal, vegetable, mineral
    class - mammals, bipeds, fungi, metals, spheres, etc.
    relationship - twig is to tree, sand is to beach, etc.
    size - smaller, equal, larger
    shape - comparative resemblance of the original to the polymorphed state
    intelligence - particularly with regard to a change in which the end product is more intelligent

Duration: Change in kingdom makes the spell work for hours or turns,
i.e. hours if one removed, turns if two removed.
Other changes likewise affect spell duration.

Spell.detect magic: All polymorphed objects radiate a strong magic,
Spell.dispel magic: and if a dispel magic spell is used upon them, they will return to their natural form.
Spell.stone to flesh: Note that a stone to flesh, or its reverse, will affect obiects under this spell.

MC: Mercury, gum arabic, and smoke.

N.B.: System shock applies to living creatures, as do the restrictions noted regarding polymorph others and Stone to flesh (qq.v.).

Effect.example: Thus, changing a lion to an androsphinx would be permanent,
but turning a turnip to a purple worm would be a change of only hours duration;
turning a tusk into an elephant would be permanent, but turning a twig into a sword would be only a change of several turns duration.

* can be cast and will function within the bounds of an airy water spell.
Changed Subject is: Increase to Duration Factor
Same kingdom (animal, vegetable, mineral) +5
Same class (mammals, fungi, metals, etc.) +2
Same size +2
Related (twig is to tree, wolf fur is to wolf, etc.) +2
Same or lower intelligence +2
Add all that apply. Look up the total on the next table.

- OSRIC, page 94
Duration Factor Duration Example
0 20 rounds Pebble to human
2 1 hour Marionette to human
4 3 hours Human to marionette
5 12 hours Lizard to manticore
6 48 hours Sheep to woollen cloak
7 1 week Shrew to manticore
9+ Permanent Manticore to shrew
- OSRIC, page 94

Q: My 9th-level ranger was changed
into a glass of water by a powerful
mage using a wish spell. After killing
the rest of the party, the mage
drank my character. The DM said my
character is dead, but I say my character
?s essence has mingled with the
mage?s. Who is right?

A, Watery ranger: I have my doubts
about the validity of the wish. Since it was
used against a character directly, I?d treat
it as a permanent polymorph any object