Half-elves do not form a race unto themselves, but rather they can be
found amongst both elvenkind and men. For details of the typical half-elf
see AD&D, MM under the
heading Elf. <(Half-elf)>

Permitted Class Options: A character of half-elven race can play as a cleric (maximum of 5th level),
druid, fighter (max. of 8th level), ranger (max. of 8th level),
magic-user (max. of 8th level), thief, or assassin (max. of 11th

Ability Score Cleric  Druid Fighter Ranger M-U Thief (All) Assassin
15 5 U 6 6 7 U 11
16 6 U 6 6 7 U 11
17 7 U 7 7 7 U 11
18 8 U 7 8 8 U 11
18/90 - - 8 91 - - 11
18/99 - - 9 101 - - 11
18/00 - - 10 112 - - 11
19 10 U 11 153 8 U 11
20 12 U 13 153 8 U 11

1: Intelligence 18, wisdom 18, and constitution 18 also required.
2: Intelligence 18, wisdom 18, and constitution 18 also required.
If both wisdom and constitution are greater than 18, the character can attain 12th level.
If both are greater than 19, the character can attain 14th level.
3: Intelligence 19, wisdom 19, and constitution 19 also required.

Multi-class Restrictions: A character of half-elven race can also opt to become a multiclassed
individual, i.e. cleric/fighter, cleric/ranger, cleric/magic-user,
fighter/magic-user, fighte/thief, magic-user/thief, cleric/fighter/magicuser,
or a fighter/magic-user/thief. Half-elven characters who choose the
cleric as one of their multi-classes aren't limited by that class' proscriptions
upon weapons usable, but they are quite restricted in level. Half-elven
characters who choose the thief class as one of their multi-roles are limited
to the weaponry and armor of that class when operating as a thief. All
earned experience is always divided evenly between the classes of the
multi-classed character, even though the character is no longer able to
gain levels in one or more of the classes. (See CHARACTER CLASSES, and
consult the various classes for more detailed information pertaining to
half-elven characters operating within the stated classes.)

Half-elven characters have a 30% resistance to sleep and charm spells (if
the spells are cast upon them, a percentile dice roll of 31% or better is
required to allow the magic any chance of having an effect, and even then
the saving throw against spells is allowed versus the charm spell).

Languages: All half-elven characters are able to speak the "common tongue" of men,
their alignment language (q.v.), and the following: elvish, gnome,
halfling, goblin, hobgoblin, orcish, and gnoll. Half-elven characters of
above 16 intelligence are able to learn one additional language for every
point of intelligence above 16, so that a 17 intelligence indicates the
character can learn one additional language, and an 18 intelligence
indicates two languages can be learned in addition to those listed above.

* Infravision: Half-elves have the ability to see into the infra-red spectrum, so they are
able to see up to 60' in darkness, noting varying degrees of heat radiation.

* Secret Doors: Secret or concealed doors are difficult to hide from half-elves, just as they
are noticeable by elves. Merely passing within 10' of a concealed door
gives the half-elven character a 1 in 6 chance (16 2/3%) chance of spotting
it. If the character is actively seeking to discover such doors, he or she has
a 2 in 6 chance (33 1/3%) of spotting a secret door and a 3 in 6 chance
(50%) of locating a concealed door.

The Half-Elven Peoples

Half-elves are a mixture of man and elf, and occupy the middle ground between the two.
They are stockier than elves and lack the pointed ears, though they still have slender and finely chiseled facial features of the elven faces.
It is possible for a Half-elf to "pass" as a man or elf for brief periods, but usu. such duplicity is discovered.

Half-elves are not a true race, but rather the product of the union of man and elf, and as such have no national or racial heritage other than that of the area they have been brought up in.
A Half-elf that had been raised in the Elven Court thinks like an elf; one from Aglarond thinks as a man, for the elven people have been long bred into the general population.

Half-elves appear as men, tending to be slenderer than most but not matching the thinness of the elves themselves.
Half-elves tend to take on some of the features of their Elvish sub-race:

    * Moon Half-elves tend to be pale with just a touch of blue around the ears and at the chin.
    * Gold Half-elves tend to be bronzed of skin.
    * Wild Half-elves are very rare and tend to have bronzed skin touched with green.
    * Sea Half-elves tend to be a blend of the fleshtones of human and elven parent.
        A child of a Lantan merchant and a Great Sea Elf will appear a like green.
    * Drow Half-elves are very rare and tend to be dusky-colored with white hair.

Half-elves may mate and breed, but will always produce the offspring of the other parent (a Half-elf/elf pairing will produce elven children, while a Half-elf/human pairing will result in human children).
Second generation Half-elves only result if two Half-elves marry (as is the case in Aglarond).

Half-elf PCs have the limitations and advantages set down for Half-elves in the PH and DMG, regardless of the sub-race of the elven parent.
A drow Half-elf, in other words, would not gain all of the drowish abilities, and would be considered N'Tel'Quess by his people as well.



In essence I concur with your handling the matter of half-orcs...and possibly applying it to half-elves as well;)

A likely template for general social reaction to such individuals can be found in the social history of the USA around 1850.
A good deal of prejudicial and ethnocentric behavior there.


    STRENGTH: 3/18
    WISDOM: 3/18
    DEXTERITY: 6/18
    CHARISMA: 3/18
STARTING AGE: Cleric (40+2d4), Fighter (22+3d4), Magic-User (30+2d8), Thief (22+3d8)
AGE CATEGORIES: Young adult (24-40), Mature (41-100), Middle aged (101-175), Old (176-250), Venerable (251-325)