L^: mu2, wj2
R#: (1/2")*,
9" maximum
D^: 1r*
C^: v.s.m
CT: 2
S^: None
A^: One creature per probe
psionic encounter: 25%

Effect: When an ESP spell is used, the caster is able to
detect the surface thoughts of any creatures in range -- except creatures
with no mind (as we know it), such as all of the undead.

The MU employing the spell is able to
probe the surface thoughts of 1 creature per turn, getting simple instinctual
thoughts from lower order creatures. Probes can continue on the same
creature from round to round. The caster can use the spell to help
determine if some creature lurks behind a door, for example, but the ESP
will not always reveal what sort of creature it is.

Effect.exception: The ESP is stopped by 2 or more feet of rock,
2 or more inches of any metal other than lead,
or a thin sheet of lead foil.

Wu Jen: The ESP spell allows the wu jen to detect the surface thoughts of creatures
within range. The ESP is stopped by 2 or more feet of rock, 2 inches
of metal, and any amount of lead. Only creatures with thoughts may be

MC: A c.p..

R^: 9" SPC^: 2/round D^: Time of Concentration S^: None A^: 1" wide path

Effect: This discipline allows the user to "tune in" to the unshielded thoughts of the minds of any creatures within range when the
power is employed. In most respects it is identical to the magic-user spell, ESP (q.v.) .
Thoughts received in non-understood languages will be meaningless. Non-intelligent creatures will transmit "pictures" or raw drives.