(WG: Hobniz)

Hairfoot Halfling

FREQUENCY: Rare ([Cold Civilized Hills], [Cold Civilized Forest], [Cold Civilized Plains])
FREQUENCY: Rare ([Temperate Civilized Hills], [Temperate Civilized Forest], [Temperate Civilized Plains])
FREQUENCY: Rare ([Tropical Civilized Hills], [Tropical Civilized Forest], [Tropical Civilized Plains])

MOVE: 9"
% IN LAIR: 70% <(pastoral countryside)> (1 Halfling: large city, TPL4-8:1st, REF4.5)
TREASURE TYPE: Individuals [K], [B] in lair
DAMAGE/ATTACK: By weapon or 1-6
SPECIAL ATTACKS: +3 with bow or sling
SPECIAL DEFENSES: Save at 4 levels higher
ALIGNMENT: Lawful good
SIZE: S (3+ ' tall)
    Attack/Defense Modes: Nil*
*possible to exist in unusual characters
DEITY: Yondalla

SAVES: <save as a F4/T4?> < '+' =>

Halflings are basically hard-working, orderly and peaceful citizens of communities similar to humans -- although their villages usually contain many burrow homes as well as surface cottages.

For every 30 halflings encountered there will be two Warriors (F2s).
If more than 90 are encountered there will be an additional leader of 3rd level fighting ability.
If more than 150 are encountered there will also be the following additional halflings in the group:
one Hero (F4), two Swordsmen (F3s) and three Warriors (F2s).
If encountered in their lair there will be females and children equal to 100% and 60% respectively of the adult males indicated.
A typical halfling lair will be in pastoral countryside.

The usual protection worn by halflings consists of padded or leather armor.
Halflings are typically weaponed as follows:
01-10 small sword and short bow 10%
11-20 small sword and spear 10%
21-30 short bow 10%
31-50 sling 20%
51-60 small sword 10%
61-80 spear 20%
81-00 hand axe 20%
<sling: sling bullets or sling stones>

All halflings of above normal level will have AC 6, while those of 3rd or 4th level will have armor class 5 and 4 respectively.
All such higher levels will have a 10% chance per level of having magic armor and/or miscellaneous weapons.

Halflings encountered in their lair will have from 1-4 dogs (treat them as
wild dogs for statistical purposes) per halfling.

The magic and poison resistance of halflings causes them to save at four
levels above their actual. They are exceedingly clever at both quiet
movement and hiding. They will surprise on a die roll of 1-4 on a 6-sided
die. In natural terrain they must be treated as invisible if they have any
form of vegetation in which to conceal themselves. They have no infra-
vision. They shun water.

Halflings speak their own language, their alignment tongue, and the
common speech. In addition they speak the language of gnomes, goblins,
and orcs.

Description: Of ruddy complexion, halflings tend toward brown or sandy
brown hair coloration, and have brown or hazel eyes. Their dress is usually
colorful, but their trousers and coats are likely to be serviceable grey, tan,
or brown material. Halflings have a life expectancy of 150 or more years.


A taller (4 + ' ), slimmer halfling, with fairer skin and hair.
Tallfellows are very rare. They use more armor (AC 6), ride ponies and
carry more spears. It is possible for exceptionally strong (17,18) tallfellows
to work to 5th or 6th level of fighting ability. They can speak elvish and are
very friendly with elves. They live for about 180 years on the average.

Stout: This kind of halfling is a bit smaller (3 1/2 +' ) and stockier than the
typical (hairfeet). They use more armor also (AC 6), and employ morning
stars in addition to the usual halflingish arms. Very strong stouts (18) are
able to work up to 5th level fighting ability. Stouts have infravision and can
detect sloping passageways. They have no fear of water and can swim.
These halflings are able to speak dwarvish and enjoy dwarven company.
Stouts reach the age of 200 or more years.


Well, Dogbrain,

As someone who did cobbling work for a time, I can assure you that hobnails means not "tough" but "small".
were they regular, the one whose soles they were attached to would be walking on a permenant bed of nails.

In short, "hob" is a prefix indicating small, short, little, much as in "hob"-bit

And, being a Midwesterner myself, we all know that South Bend refers to a river, not the State of Indiana.


<box>  Hobbits are small.

Originally Posted by BOZ
Hey Gary,

Don’t know if you’ve heard this one before or not.

JRR Tolkien died not long before D&D first came out. If he had still been alive, do you think he personally would have objected to the use of the term “hobbits” and other things resembling his works that you had to remove from D&D?

Hoi Boz!

Speaking of pure speculation...

After some thoughtful considreation, I believe that the Good Prpfessor probably would not have raised an objection.
after all, he allowed the copyrights on the trilogy to expire, and thus the Ace Books release that caused such a furor.

In another scenario, that of asking permission for use, I again believe he would have given permission.
Why I can't say, other that that what is written about him characterises him as a generous man not much concerned with business.