(WG: Olves)


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MOVE: 12”
% IN LAIR: 10%
TREASURE TYPE: Individuals [N]; [G], [S], [T] in lair
NO. OF ATTACKS: 1 <THACO=as monster, or, as demi-human? read the DMG tables carefully>
DAMAGE/ATTACK: By weapon or 1-10
SPECIAL ATTACKS: +1 with normal bow or sword <[When in natural surroundings such as a wood or meadow, elves can move silently (surprise on a 1-4)]>
SPECIAL DEFENSES: See below <[and blend into the vegetation so as to be invisible (requiring the ability to see invisible objects to locate them) as long as they are not attacking *]>
    <if alone and not in metal armor? and/or in natural surroundings? note that I would define natural surroundings according to the type of elf>
MAGIC RESISTANCE: 90% to charm and sleep only
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic good
SIZE: M (5’+ tall)
PSlONlC ABILITY: Yes, for PC elves
    Attack/Defense Modes: Varies
DEITY: Corellon Larethian, Frey, Branchala.

Elves are of various sorts, including a marine race, all of which are detailed here.
High Elf (Default) Aquatic Elf Drow Grey Elf Half-Elf
Wood Elf Valley Elf Wild Elf Banshee Silvanesti
Qualinesti Kagonesti Dargonesti Dimernesti -

These creatures are able to operate in two or more classes
simultaneously, so fighter/clerics, for example, are possible. Note also
that the level of proficiency may vary between the two or more classes
one of these creatures is capable of performing in. They have only a loose
social structure based on independent bands which owe allegiance to an
overlord (duke, princess, king or queen).

For every 20 elves in a band there will be one with above average fighting ability (2nd. or 3rd level).
For every 40 elves encountered there will be one with this fighting ability plus 1st or 2nd level magic-user ability.
If 100 or more elves are encountered there will be the following additional figures:
    a 4th level fighter/8th level magic-user,
    two 4th level fighter/5th level magic-user elves,
    and a 4th level fighter/4th level magic-user/4th level cleric.
If over 160 elves are encountered their leaders will be
    a 6th level fighter/9th level magic-user,
    and a 6th level fighter/6th level magic-user/6th level cleric;
        and these leaders will have two special retainers each --
            4th level fighter/5th level magic-user,
            3rd level fighter/3rd level magic-user/3rd level cleric.
These are also in addition to the group indicated.
If encountered in their lair there will also be these extra figures:
    a 4th level fighter/7th level magic-user,
    a 4th level fighter for every 40 elves in the group,
    a 2nd level fighter/2nd level magic-user/2nd level cleric for every 40 elves in the group,
    a 5th level fighter,
    a 6th level fighter,
    and females and young equal to 100% and 5% respectively.

Elves of all sorts seek to make their home secure by locating it in secluded
copse, wood or forest. They typically (65%) have from 2-12 giant eagles as
guards for their lair.

The composition of a band of elves by weaponing is given below:
(They are usually in scale, ring, or chain mail, and most carry shields.)
<most = 01 to 75 on d%?>
1. buckler
2. spiked buckler
3. small wooden shield
4. small shield
5. medium shield
6. large shield>
01-10 sword and bow 10%
11-30 sword and spear 20%
31-50 sword 20%
51-55 two-handed sword 5%
56-85 spear 30%
86-00 bow 15%

Higher level fighters, fighter/magic-users, and fighter/magic-user/clerics
have a 10% chance per level per class of magical items of a usable sort.
Thus, a 4th level fighter/5th level magic-user/5th level cleric would have a
40% chance for magic armor (including shield, possibly, or possibly shield
only) and/or weapon (sword or miscellaneous weapon); a 50% <corrected> chance for
any other item not covered by the first class, i.e. armor and weapons; and
a 50% chance for any sort of magical item usable by a cleric. Furthermore,
if above 4th level of magical ability the elf will have from 2-5 magic items
for magic-user use if the required score is rolled on the percentile dice.

Although elves do not favor horses, certain bands of elves will have
female fighters who will be mounted on unicorns, although this is rare
(5%) and only from 10-30 of such warrior elfmaids are typically

When in natural surroundings such as a wood or meadow, elves can move
silently (surprise on a 1-4) and blend into the vegetation so as to be
invisible (requiring the ability to see invisible objects to locate them) as long as they are not attacking *.
Note the bonus elves gain with bow or
sword. Elves are also very quick and agile, so they can move, fire their
bows, and move back all in the same round.

Elves are 90% resistant to charm and sleep spells of all sorts.
They have infravision to 60’.
They note secret or hidden doors and the like from one- third to half of the time,
depending on the care or magic with which they are hidden.

Elves are able to speak the tongue of goblins, orcs, hobgoblins, and gnolls,
in addition to common, alignment, elvish, halflingish, and gnomish.

Description: Elves are slim of build and pale complected. Their hair is dark,
and their eyes are green. Their garb is typically pastel and of blue or green
or violet (but often covered by a greenish gray cloak). The life span of
these creatures is a dozen centuries long.

<note the dark hair><note the clothes>
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<in UA terms, I would equate this to :
IF in natural surroundings,
THEN elf is invisible
IF elf attacks,
THEN elf becomes visible, until next beginning of next action (initiative number)>

Aquatic Elf (Sea Elf) (Water Elf):


FREQUENCY: Very rare ([Cold Saltwater Surface])
FREQUENCY: Very rare ([Cold Saltwater Depths])

FREQUENCY: Very rare ([Temperate Saltwater Surface])
FREQUENCY: Uncommon ([Temperate Saltwater Depths])

FREQUENCY: Very rare ([Tropical Saltwater Surface])
FREQUENCY: Uncommon ([Tropical Saltwater Depths])

% IN LAIR: 10% (35 Aquatic Elves: shallow waters && lagoon, TPL30:5th, REF4.86)

Also called sea elves, they are akin to mermen as land elves are to men.

Found almost exclusively among heavy weed beds in quiet
sheltered salty waters, they are great friends of the dolphins. They fashion
caverns in lagoon bottoms and reefs where they live && work. They trade
with land elves -- metal goods (they are unable to forge underwater) for
rare items found in the sea. For every 20 sea elves, there is a 50% chance
that they are accompanied by 1-3 friendly dolphins.

Aquatic elves use spears && tridents as weapons, usually in combination
with nets. They do not use magic. They speak only elvish.

They are humanoid in appearance, with gill slits on the throat and
greenish-silver skin and green or blue-green hair. Seaweed affords little
or no hindrance to their movement. They are invisible in weeds or on
reefs. They are mortal enemies of sharks and sahuagin, and will attack
either if the elves outnumber them. They are friends to dolphins and land
elves, and neutral to all others, except for fishermen, whom they dislike
due to the number of sea elves snared in nets and killed mistakenly as
sahuagin by these ignorant humans.

DEITY: Deep Sashelas

    by Steve Marsh

Drow: The “Black Elves,” or drow, are only legend.
They purportedly dwell deep beneath the surface in a strange subterranean realm.
The drow are said to be as dark as faeries are bright and as evil as the latter
are good. Tales picture them as weak fighters but strong magic-users.

As I said...

Drow were not detailed in the MM.

As for the rest of it, the details were devised when I had a setting for the race 8)


Gray Elf (Faerie) (Fairy):

FREQUENCY: Rare ([Cold Wilderness Forest])
FREQUENCY: Rare ([Temperate Wilderness Forest])
FREQUENCY: Rare ([Tropical Wilderness Forest])
% IN LAIR: 10% (6 Gray Elves: forest valley, TPL54:9th, REF3.54)

These noble elves are the rarest and most powerful of
their kind. They are more intelligent than other sorts (+ 1 on dice roll for INT),
and those few with supra-genius abilities can become
wizards. They are very reclusive, live in isolated meadowlands, and never
associate with any other humanoids, other than elves, for long -- or with
frequency. They usually are armored with chain mail and shield, and all
carry swords. Grey elves often (50%) have hippogriffs as steeds (70%) or
actually use griffons (3-12) as guards/mounts (30%). They speak the same
languages as do high elves. Grey elves have either silver hair and amber
eyes or pale golden hair and violet eyes. The latter sort are generally
called faeries. They favor white, yellow, silver, or gold garments. Their
cloaks are often deep blue or purple. They live beyond the age of 1.500


<Faeries Wear Boots.Low.Soft - Ozzy Osbourne>


All half-elves are of human stock. They are handsome folk, with
the good features of each of their races.
They mingle freely with either race, being only slightly taller than the average elf (51/2’) and
weighing about 150 pounds.
They are able to detect secret entrances and the like as elves do (one-third to one-half the time).
Half-elves have normal infravision.
They do not gain the sword and bow advantages of their elven stock,
but half-elves are able to progress simultaneously in two or three categories,
    i.e. fighter/magic-user or fighterlmagic-user/cleric (if wisdom is 13 or greater).
Half-elves normally may attain maximum levels of 6/6/4;
if strength is 17 or 18, the level of fighting ability can go to 7th or 8th.
Similarly, if intelligence is 17 or 18, half-elves can attain 7th or 8th level
magic-user. Thus a half-elf can be a superhero/warlock/vicar (8/8/4).
Half-elves are able to speak the same languages as elves -- goblin,
orcish, gnoll, halflingish, gnomish, and elvish (plus alignment and
common). Half-elves live 250 years.

Wood Elf
(Sylvan Elf):

FREQUENCY: Uncommon (primaeval forests && distant woodlands)

FREQUENCY: Uncommon ([Cold Civilized Forest], [Cold Wilderness Forest])
FREQUENCY: Very rare ([Cold Civilized Hills], [Cold Civilized Swamp]), ([Cold Wilderness Hills])
FREQUENCY: Very rare ([Cold Wilderness Swamp]) <check>

FREQUENCY: Uncommon ([Temperate Civilized Forest])
FREQUENCY: Uncommon ([Temperate Civilized Swamp])
FREQUENCY: Very rare ([Temperate Civilized Hills], [Temperate Civilized Swamp])
FREQUENCY: Uncommon ([Temperate Wilderness Forest])
FREQUENCY: Very rare ([Temperate Wilderness Hills], [Temperate Wilderness Swamp])

FREQUENCY: Uncommon ([Tropical Civilized Forest]) <font=papyrus>
FREQUENCY: Very rare ([Tropical Civilized Forest])

FREQUENCY: Very rare ([Tropical Civilized Hills], [Tropical Civilized Swamp], [Tropical Civilized Desert])

FREQUENCY: Very rare ([Tropical Wilderness Swamp])
<check all above entries>

% IN LAIR: 10% (8 Wood Elves: forest, TPL30:5th, REF4.37)

ALIGNMENT: Chaotic good <(neutral tendencies>)

Sometimes called sylvan elves, these creatures are very reclusive and generally (75%) AVOID all contact.
Wood elves are more N than are other elves.
They are unusually strong for elves (add +1 to all die rolls, treating 19 as 18),
but they are not quite as intelligent (treat 18 intelligence as 17).
They usually wear studded leather or ring mail (AC 6) and fully 50% of any band is equipped with bows. <composite short bow, composite long bow, short bow, long bow>
Only 20% carry swords.
        <Swords: 65% of swords are longswords, 20% (66-85) are broadswords, 5% (86-90) are falchion swords, 5% (91-95) are short (small) swords, 4% (96-99) are bastard swords,
        and 1% (00) are two-handed swords, unless the description of a specific item indicates otherwise. - UA.89, % numbers added>
40% of wood elves use spears.
The lair of a band of wood elves is usually (70%) guarded by 2-8 giant owls (80%) or by 1-6 giant lynx (20%).
They live in primaeval forests and distant woodlands.
Wood elves speak only elvish and the languages of certain woods animals and treants.
Their complexions are fair,
their hair is yellow to coppery red and their eyes are light brown, light green, or hazel.
They wear russets, reds, brown && tans.
Their cloaks are usually green || greenish brown.
Wood elves have a life span of centuries.

Wood Elves (UA) +
DEITY: Rillifane Rallathil

<liked this one. how often do you see a wood elf. height 4 7 5>
<more green, less copper. though I think it is ok to keep a little copper. would have to check the FR. supposed to be compatible with FR1E>