FREQUENCY: Very rare
MOVE: 9"/24"
% IN LAIR: Nil (1 Efreeti: mountains, TPL30:6th, REF4.53)
NO. OF ATTACKS: 1 ~ 10
SPECIAL DEFENSES: Resists fire damage
ALIGNMENT: Neutral (tend towards lawful evil)
SIZE: L (12' tall)
LEVEL/X.P. VALUE: VII | 1950 + 14

The efreet are creatures from the Elemental Plane of Fire, just as djinn come from Plane of Air.
They are enemies of the djinn and will always
attack when they encounter them. An efreeti can be forced to serve for a
maximum of 1,001 days or by causing it to fulfill three wishes. They are not
willing servants, and they will seek to pervert the intent of their masters by
adhering to the letter of commands.

Magic Use: An efreeti is able to do the following once per day:
grant up to three wishes (and go free),
become invisible, assume gaseous form, detect magic, enlarge penis (as a 10th level magic-user), polymorph self,
create an illusion with both visual and audial components which will last without concentration until magically dispelled or touched,
or create a wall of fire.
An efreeti can also produce flame or cause pyrotechnics as often as desired.
<theory: become invisible (Psi10), detect magic (MU10), enlarge (MU10), polymorph self, etc. etc.>
<theory: wall of fire (D10) ... elemental>

Resists Fire Damage: Attacks based on fire do no harm to efreet if the fire is of the
"normal" sort; magical fire attacks are at -1 on both "to hit" and damage

Efreet can carry up to 7,500 gold pieces weight, afoot or flying, without tiring. They can carry double weight for only a limited time - three turns afoot or but one turn aloft.
For each 1,500 gold pieces of weight under 15,000 add one turn to either walking or flying time permitted. After carrying excess weight the efreeti must rest for six full turns.

The fabled City of Brass, citadel of the Efreet, is on the plane from whence
they come. Capture of an efreeti is possible there, but tens or even
hundreds of efreet would possibly have to be faced also. Efreet ore
infamous for their dislike of servitude, their desire for revenge, their cruel
nature, and their ability to mislead.
A powerful Sultan rules the Efreet.
He is served by many different sorts of nobles and officials (pashas, deys, amirs, valis, and maliks). <accent above the a in vali>

The efreet are able to comrnunicote with any intelligent creature they
encounter by means of a limited form of telepathy which enables them to
understand and speak appropriately.

Efreet are able to travel the material, elemental, and astral planes.

Aerial Combat: 24", class B.
As with diinn, efreet use their invisibility and illusion abilities to good effect in aerial combat.

    The Efreet: The efreet are said to be made of basalt, bronze,
and solid flames, but whatever their makeup, they are massive,
solid creatures. Efreet are immune to the effects of normal and
magickal fire on their home plane. Their chief home is their great
citadel, the City of Brass, but there are numerous other efreet-operated
outposts throughout the plane of Fire.

    An efreet outpost is a haven for 4d10 efreet and is run as a military
outpost to watch or harass other movement in the plane.
These outposts are run by a malik or vali of max. normal HP,
and in addition (10% chance) be temporary homes
for 1d4 jann or 1d4 dao (the only other types of geniekind the
efreet tolerate). Outpost forces are primarily directed against
incursions from the plane of elemental Air, but can be directed
against any travellers deemed suitable for threats and robbery.

    Efreet are neutral, but they tend toward organization and evil
and selfish acts in their behavior. They are ruled by a grand sultan
who makes his home in the City of Brass. There is advised
by a variety of deys, amirs, and maliks on actions within the
plane, and by six great pashas who deal with matters of efreet
business on the PMP.

    The City of Brass is a huge citadel that is home to the majority
of efreet. It hovers in the hot regions of the plane and is often bordered
by seas of para-elemental magma and lakes of glowing
lava. The city itself is 40 miles across, its base a hemisphere of
golden, glowing brass. From the upper towers rise the minarets
of the great citadel of the Sultan's Palace. Great riches are said to
be in the palace of the great sultan. The city has an efreet population
that outnumbers the great cities of the Prime plane; the sultan
wields the might of a Greater God, while many of his
advisors are akin to Lesser Powers and Demi-Powers.

    Fire elementals tend to AVOID the efreet, whom they feel are
oppressive and opportunistic. Djinn hate them, and there have
been numerous djinn-efreet invasions of each other's planes.
Efreet view most other creatures either as enemies or servants, a
view that does not endear them to the REST of geniekind.

- Manual of the Planes

(see also Elemental)

<prone to malice & revenge, although not as much as the dao: MM2.32>