Black Dragon (Draco Causticus Sputem) (Acid Dragon)


FREQUENCY: Very rare  ([Temperate Wilderness Mountains], [Temperate Wilderness Swamp])
FREQUENCY: Very rare  ([Temperate Freshwater Surface])
FREQUENCY: Very rare  ([Temperate Saltwater Surface])

FREQUENCY: Very rare ([Tropical Wilderness Mountains], [Tropical Wilderness Swamp])
FREQUENCY: Very rare ([Tropical Freshwater Surface])
FREQUENCY: Very rare ([Tropical Saltwater Surface])

MOVE: 12"/24"
% IN LAIR: 30%
NO. OF ATTACKS: 3 ~ 13 (6 or 7 HD) | 12 (8 HD)
DAMAGE/ATTACK: 1-4/1-4/3-18 <(c/c/b)>
SPECIAL ATTACKS: Breath weapon + possible magic use
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic evil
SIZE: L (30' long)

    Speaking: 30%
    Magic Use: 10%
    Sleeping: 50%

The black dragon is typically found in miasmal swamps || marshes,
although they also inhabit subterranean lairs as well,
for black dragons always seek to lair in deep, dark caves.
They tend towards the mid point between law && chaos in their evil. <(Tarterian evil)>
The black dragon attacks with a claw/claw/bite or breathes -
in this case spitting acid in a 1/2" wide stream which extends 6" in a straight line beginning at the height of the dragon's head and traveling in the direction and at the angle which the monster's head was facing at the time of discharging the acid.
Black dragons which can speak and are capable using magic can employ one first level spell for each stage of their maturity, i.e. 1-8 spells.
Roll randomly to determine which spells they know.
The spells known are a special form of the ordinary spells which require only a spoken component,
but each can be employed but once per day. Repeat spells are possible if random rolls so indicate.

DLA: Black dragons are typically found in
swamps || marshes, although they also
inhabit subterranean lairs. Some scholars conjecture
that this preference for dark lairs indicates a
sensitivity to light. Over 30 feet long,
black dragons attack with sharp claws and
teeth. They can also spew a stream of deadly
acid upon their victims.

    Black dragons are capable of speech, in
both the secret language of dragons and in
other languages they find useful, including
the language of magic. A favorite spell of
black dragons is darkness, which they invariably
USE to cover their movments during

    Since they are extremely independent and
obey commands only if it serves their purposes,
black dragons were rarely used by the
Dragon Highlords in direct assault on cities
during the War of the Lance. These dragons
were more highly valued as guards for valued
artifacts and spies.

This is why the Companions found the
black dragon Onyx guarding the Disks of Mishakal
in the ruins of Xak Tsaroth.

Q: How do you fight a black dragon?
Spells don't work on them, and
they're made out of acid.

A: Black dragons are not made out of acid;
they simply use an acid breath weapon.
Spells affect dragons just as they affect
other. monsters -- if a dragon fails its
saving throw, the spell affects the dragon.
Dragons are also vulnerable to weapons.

XP Totals by Ardanow Silverbow

BLACK DRAGONS (no additional special abilities)
Dragon, black (small, very young) 411 (536 w/spells)
Dragon, black (small, young) 447 (572 w/spells)
Dragon, black (small, sub-adult) 533 (658 w/spells)
dragon, black (small, young adult) 569 (694 w/spells)
dragon, black (small, adult) 755 (880 w/spells)
dragon, black (small, old) 791 (916 w/spells)
dragon, black (small, very old) 827 952 (w/spells)
dragon, black (small, ancient) 863 (988 w/spells)
dragon, black (average, very young) 606 (781 w/spells)
dragon, black (average, young) 662 (837 w/spells)
dragon, black (average, sub-adult) 768 (943 w/spells)
dragon, black (average, young adult) 824 (999 w/spells)
dragon, black (average, adult) 1030 (1205 w/spells)
dragon, black (average, old) 1086 (1261 w/spells)
dragon, black (average, very old) 1142 (1317 w/spells)
dragon, black (average, ancient) 1198 (1373 w/spells)
dragon, black (huge, very young) 880 (1155 w/spells)
dragon, black (huge, young) 960 (1235 w/spells)
dragon, black (huge, sub-adult) 1140 (1415 w/spells)
dragon, black (huge, young adult) 1220 (1495 w/spells)
dragon, black (huge, adult) 1650 (1925 w/spells)
dragon, black (huge, old) 1730 (2005 w/spells)
dragon, black (huge, very old) 1810 (2085 w/spells)
dragon, black (huge, ancient) 1890 (2165 w/spells)

<XP daa, by Prespos>
6HD : LEVEL/X.P. VALUE: ?? (Sleeping)  | ?? (Magic-Use: Minor, defensive) | ?? (Magic-Use) | ?? (Sleeping and (Minor, Defensive) Magic-Use) | ?? (Sleeping and Magic-Use)
7HD : LEVEL/X.P. VALUE: ?? (Sleeping)  | ?? (Magic-Use: Minor, defensive) | ?? (Magic-Use) | ?? (Sleeping and (Minor, Defensive) Magic-Use) | ?? (Sleeping and Magic-Use)
8HD : LEVEL/X.P. VALUE: ?? (Sleeping)  | ?? (Magic-Use: Minor, defensive) | ?? (Magic-Use) | ?? (Sleeping and (Minor, Defensive) Magic-Use) | ?? (Sleeping and Magic-Use)


As to the tale of the black dragons in Castle Greyhawk,
I do not want to go into great detail now,
as something similar will be found in the Castle Zagyg dungeons ro begin publishing late this summer and on into 2008.
Here is a precis of the tale.

My excellent veteran players--Ernie, Rob, Terry,
and one or two others explored a level of the dungeons and accidentally discovered a series of secret chambers in which were stored treasure and magic items.
They looted all of these repositories. Of course being greedy they searched for a new secret room...and found and deleased a dragon instead of wealth.

After failing to subdue it, taking breath damage twice, they ran for their lives. Robilar slung his subdued gargoyle flunkie over his back, and when the dragos spit acid at him, the gargoyle turned to goo, but Robilar took only one-quarter damage. He then have the dragon the slip, used his Boots of Flying to ascend a vertical shaft, but by random chance a purple worm was descendiing ths same route. Roblilar dropped down in a hurry, went for a normal exit passage, and was spotted by the dragon. At that Robilar ran full speed, forgetting there was a black pudding on the floor ahead, and his flying boots were "eaten."

As the rest of the party had escaped without loss, they returned for more loot. Instead they released a second dragon. After that the mated pair of drakes ruled the level and the adventurers shunned it assiduously. That saddened me as the DM, as the lot of them had gained a full level and about half the number of XPs to go on to the next.

What annoyed me most was that all of the different repositories were discovered by luck, the mapper thinkingthat he was leading the party to the original place each tome, but actually being off course. Naturally, luck lead them to the ones with much treasure before their greed brought them to the ones holding a dragon in stasis 


What can I say but:

I'll look into the reading matter if and when I am seeking new books to read.

As for the outcome of the greedy series of dungeon delves, despite losses the group, robilar included, made out like bandits :\