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1. Seacoast
2. Swamp
3. Forest
4. Plains
5. Desert
6. Hills
7. Mountains
Hierarchy of Terrain
Bodies of Water

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- - Ulaa (goddess of hills) - -

This type of terrain has much more to do with topography than
with ecology. A forest can be hilly, as can a desert (even a sandy
desert, if you consider the dunes to be hills). Hills can be gently
rolling mounds or craggy, mountainlike piles of rock && earth
that jut out of the surrounding landscape.

For purposes of classifying a certain AREA that includes hilly terrain,
the DM can USE the following guidelines:

    Any irregular (not level) terrain that incl. dense or
    moderate tree cover is forest.

    An AREA of gently rolling hills at an elevation of less than
    2,000 feet containing few or no trees is classified as some
    type of terrain other than hills; USE whichever designation
    (desert, plains, swamp, or seacoast) is appro.

    An AREA is classified as hills if it is generally at an elevation
    of less than 2,000 feet, contains few or no trees, and
    has sharply sloping mounds with peaks that may rise
    above 2,000 feet.

    Or, an AREA is classified as hills if it is at an elevation of
    between 2,000 and 4,000 feet, generally contains irregular
    terrain. and has few or no trees.

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Temperate Hills
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